British longhair cat calico (calico ald cat) is a special breed of cat that is very popular today. This cat breed is not a purebred cat, but a hybrid cat that is classified based on coat color and color patterns on their body hair.

Features of the British tricolor long-haired cat breed

Mèo Anh lông dài lai tam thể1

This cat breed has the characteristics of the breed long haired british cat and has a typical tricolor (tricolor) coat with white patches predominating. In addition, some cats can also be very white, such as:

  • Cat ald calico black - white - orange
  • Black - white - gray ald cat
  • Cat ald calico dragon pattern
  • Tortoiseshell ald cats (black calico cats predominate in coat or bristles).

The coat of the British calico longhair cats is what makes them special. They have a long coat with colored spots distributed all over the body and each individual is unique. You can never see two calico ald cats that are exactly alike.

The patches of color on their plumage also vary in shape and arrangement. Some babies have tiny colored spots. But there are also babies with color spots that take up a very large area. The area of white patches is usually proportional to the area of other colored patches on their body. In particular, cats with fur with 3 clearly delineated colors are very rare and expensive according to the concept of feng shui.

How to take care of a British longhair cat 

Mèo Anh lông dài lai tam thể

British longhair cat calico This is a long-lived cat breed that can live from 12 to 16 years. They are also quite easygoing but you also need to be patient and pay more attention to them to know about their preferences or habits.

This is a very easy cat breed, you just need to feed them nutritious food, provide enough water and toys, they will stay at home all day without clinging to you.

Like many other cat breeds, calico alds don't need a lot of bathing. You should only bathe them every 2 weeks.

Most of today's ald calico cats are female, the percentage of male calico cats is very low (only 1/3000) so they are very rare and have a high value. This is because the X chromosome determines the cat's coat color. Female cats have 2 X chromosomes, so they have 3 colors. Male cats have only 1 X chromosome in their genome, so they do not have a mixed coat of 3 colors like female cats.

Usually only cats with Klinefelter syndrome, which causes them to have XXY or XXXY chromosomes, have trisomy hair, but they are infertile. As for female cats, they are still able to reproduce normally.

The spiritual meaning of the British longhair cat

According to the concept of feng shui, the three-headed cat means luck, fortune and brings harmony to the family. In the five elements, the color of the cat's coat also has a mutual relationship with each other, symbolizing a life of prosperity, harmony, family religion and fame are developing smoothly. Therefore, calico ald cats, especially male cats, are very popular in many countries around the world such as Japan, America...

For example, the lucky cat of Japan - Maneki Neko, the color of the national flag of the state of Maryland, the United States is similar to the color of this cat. In particular, those born in the 3rd, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th months of the lunar calendar, if raising a calico cat, will bring a lot of luck.

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