Transporting pets with attentive care from Mr.Son

Mr.Son, specializes in transporting cats and dogs by train, the fastest speed today. You can pick up and drop off goods at all stations along the North-South railway line: Hanoi <-> Nam Dinh <-> Thanh Hoa <-> Vinh <-> Dong Hoi <-> Hue <-> Da Nang <-> Dieu Tri <-> Nha Trang <-> Phan Thiet (Muong Man station) <-> Saigon Bosses, your pet gods will be comfortable and safe with Mr. Son's trains: North-South fastest train, Reasonable price, Well-cared for, Insurance, Contracted Delivery, Can rent cages, Can deliver and receive money for customers, Clear working address
Transporting pets by train of Mr. Son commits to compensate if there are any risks during the transportation. It is expressed through a clear and transparent contract of carriage.


WHY? When SEN (you) is sitting on a car, a plane, a train with cool AC, the BOSS (your pet) must lie under the hot, lack of air and smell of gasoline under the BRASS. ?

WHY? Do you always buy the BEST toys, BEST house, BEST pet food? But not choosing the BEST moving service for your baby?

Give your baby the best with Mr. Son!

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Commitment to ensure the safety of your dogs, cats, birds, pets when in transit - Insurance value if any risk occurs.
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Mr.Son's dogs, cats, birds, pets are transported using the fastest ships today, ensuring fast and on-time delivery, pets will always be healthy.
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Always put customer satisfaction first. We believe that long-term reputation, love of animals, make up the success of Mr.Son's Dog, Cat, Bird and Pet Transport.
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I am very satisfied and appreciate the dedicated, fast care and the cost is also very reasonable. The dogs are always healthy and clean after each trip. A trusted address for pet lovers!

Ms Phuong Anh
Khách hàng vận chuyển chó poodle

Used the pet transportation service of many units in Hanoi. But really satisfied with Mr.Son's pet transportation service. Reasonable quotes, my pets are safe and on time.

Mr. Mr. Dung
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Really satisfied when trusting his pet to transport Mr. Son. My puppy is well taken care of and there are no problems during transportation.

Mrs. Duyen


Loving animals brings us much joy in life. With that love, Mr. Son wants to bring the smoothest and safest trips for all pets, at a reasonable cost.

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Quý khách vui lòng gọi điện trực tiếp cho Mr.Sơn để được báo giá vận chuyển. Cần chuẩn bị trước các thông tin sau:

        1. What kind of pets are transported?
        2. How many kg weight?
        3. Place of departure and arrival?
        4. Is there a cage? Cage size and weight (if applicable)?



Mời quý khách gọi số Hotline: 0913.52.44.50 - Để được báo giá Quý khách vui lòng chuẩn bị các thông tin:
  • Vận chuyển loại thú cưng nào
  • Cân nặng
  • Địa điểm đi và đến
  • Đã có lồng hay chưa, kích thước lồng (nếu có)


Staff transporting dogs, cats, birds, pets Mr. Paint comes to pick up pets at home or you can bring pets to our office address.


Health check, weight, pet photo, quote (if any change) and delivery time. Sign a transportation contract with Mr. Son.


Transporting dogs, cats, birds, pets Mr. Son delivers pets quickly and on time at railway stations, or at Mr. Son's headquarters in the provinces.


Mr.Son's staff is always ready to welcome your pet day or night. Please contact us soon to ensure your dog, cat, bird, pet is arranged the fastest and safest route.

Transporting cats

Transporting cats needs to be tied to the cage very firmly because these cats can easily dig holes to escape, so use a plastic basket for transportation.

Dog transport

Although the dogs are very talkative at home, they are usually very obedient when they get on the train. It is important to feed and drink enough water.

Transporting hamsters, hedgehogs

Transporting hamsters, hedgehogs need a cool cage, avoid being hot, always ensure enough fruits and vegetables in the cage.

Transporting birds and chickens

Transporting these ornamental birds is very meticulous and careful, to avoid them being short of water, food or suffocating.

Transporting ornamental pigs

Transporting ornamental pigs ensures that the cage is ventilated, the cage lining is dry and clean.