INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO Identify Brother's Long-haired CAT

British Longhair White Cat (cat ald – British Longhair Cat) is a breed of medium-sized and long-haired pet cats, originating in the United Kingdom. In this article, we will learn about the characteristics and how to identify this cat breed.

Characteristics and how to identify the British long-haired white cat breed

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1. Coat color

British longhair white cat has a uniform snow-white coat, not mixed with any other colors. They are very popular cats today because of their luxurious, aristocratic, and lovely appearance like a little angel. Their striking white fur helps to clearly highlight the colors and other parts of the cat's body such as the color of the eyes, nose, paw pads, etc.

With their long, thick fur and adorable plump bodies, these ald cats look like moving cotton balls.

2. Feathers

The British white longhair cats have a rather long, thick and silky coat due to genetic inheritance from the British Shorthair breed. Their fur is like a soft velvet carpet, so they love to hug them in winter. The warm feeling that babies bring can help you dispel all your worries immediately.

With their beautiful thick, white, fluffy fur, white Ald cats are sometimes used by their owners to take pictures of products, instead of spreading things on fur carpets.

3. Eye color

The eye color of the British white longhair cat is most commonly green and blue. Long white fur combined with blue eyes makes them extremely beautiful.

Besides, there are also some white Ald cats with two-colored eyes (Odd-eyes). The most commonly seen color combination is one yellow eye, one blue eye.

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4. Body

British longhair white cat has a relatively sturdy and solid body. Despite their ruffled white fur, they look weak and delicate. But actually these cats are also very plump and stocky.

5. Nose color & paw pads

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This cat breed often has a pink nose and fleshy pads on its paws, looking very cute..

6. Personality

British longhair white cat They are quite calm and independent, they are very affectionate and love their owners but do not like to be held, touched or exposed to others too much, especially with strangers.

Ald cats are also not naughty or disruptive cats, but love to be cuddled and petted by their owners. They like to sit next to their owners or lie at their feet while they work.

They are also not too attached to their owners, so you don't have to worry about being too busy to leave them alone at home. As long as they provide enough food and water, they will find their own hobby.

How much does a British white longhair cat cost?

Despite its very beautiful appearance, this cat breed has an average price, not too high. You only need to spend from 1.5 to 4 million VND to be able to own a purebred baby ald. The price of this cat breed is often quite high because it depends on their age & weight.
As for the British longhair hybrid, the price is much lower than that of purebred cats. They only have prices ranging from 500k - 1.5 million depending on age and color.
Above is the information about the white ald cat breed that we introduce to you. Hopefully, the above article will help you have more useful information about this cute cat breed!
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