British Cat and the Persian cat are two beautiful cat breeds that are always sought after around the world. So, have you ever wondered what breed of cat a British-Persian cat will be? That's the same british longhair persian hybrid cat there. This crossbreeding produces a cat with a body similar to that of a British cat, but with a coat similar to a Persian cat. Let's find out right through the article below.

Characteristics of the British longhair Persian hybrid cat breed

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The British Persian Longhair is also known as the British Longhair. They have the same appearance, eye, ear, body color and coat color as the British Shorthair cat. The only difference is that they have longer fur. These British cats are very popular, because they have a beautiful, noble and lovely appearance.

The British Longhair is actually a genetic mutation from a cross between a British Shorthair and a Persian. Before that, the British Shorthair breed had crossed with many breeds of cats. After World War II, the breed was virtually extinct. So the breeders saved them by mating the British Shorthair with the Persian to create a new breed of cat. Persian hybrid ald cat.

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How to take care of a British longhair Persian mixed cat

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To take good care of these cats, you need to pay attention to feeding them and grooming them daily.

1. How to feed cats

British-Persian Longhair Cat not too hard to raise. However, because they often eat very little and are inactive, we need to pay attention to their diet so that they do not become emaciated. Persian ald cats will always be chubby and healthy if you feed them enough nutrients. Remember to eat enough, not necessarily a lot.

Meals for cats should be arranged at a fixed time, fed in several meals and often changed dishes so that they do not lose their appetite. You can keep 2 ald cats in the house so they have friends and eat better than being alone.

Persian ald cats are also likely to be overweight and obese. Because they are a cat breed that is very inactive, it is also easy to become obese if they eat too much substance. Therefore, in addition to adequate feeding, you need to regularly play with them to make them more active, limiting the risk of obesity. Should feed many meals with a moderate level, do not force the baby to eat too much.

2. How to care for cats' fur

Coat care is the most complicated job when raising a Persian hybrid long-haired cat, because they have both long and thick coats, so they need to be brushed daily to remove hair loss, so that they have a smooth coat. .

Besides, bathing the cat is also quite a feat. Because they are inherently afraid of water, they need to practice bathing them from a young age with a cat-specific shower gel. Take the time to bathe your cat every 2 weeks so that your cat will always smell nice and clean. If you don't have time, you can take them to a pet spa to give them a bath and a decent haircut.

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