Have you ever been stung by a bee? Are you afraid of being stung by a bee? However, what makes bee (a recently popular new species of bee) become the first choice when keeping in families, even with small children? Let's find out information about bees and the advantages of beekeeping.

Introduction to bees

con ong dú

Stingless bee is a species of bee with small size, gentle nature, no sting and no danger to the owner. This species of bee is found throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world, including Vietnam. In nature, bees often nest in tree trunks, bamboo stalks, fence posts, etc.

The honey of bees has a sweet, light and slightly acidic taste because of its higher acidity. Honey has long been considered a valuable functional food, but its therapeutic value lacks recognition of specific bioactive components. Various studies have been conducted on the physico-chemical and nutritional composition of bee honey. This type of honey has more medicinal and cosmetic effects than other types of honey; help relieve pain, disinfect wounds, detoxify… Wax and honey are used to nourish the skin, exfoliate.

The advantages of beekeeping

No need time to take care

làm tổ cho ong

It's not like keeping any other pets or bees. Bees do not require you to care, take care of them continuously and take a lot of time. The time when they need the most care is when they are just starting to tame or separate the flock. This is a sensitive time, you need to observe if they can adapt to the new environment, to have timely interventions. Wasps are very strong, have high disease resistance and the ability to find food quickly, so you do not need to worry too much about them.

Absolute loyalty

ong dú rất trung thành

Wasps are social bees and perennial hives, and belong to the class of highly social behavior. The swarm will live in a place for a long time, so it will spend most of its life living in the hive you make them. Unlike honey bees, wasps will never fly away even when the place is running out of food.

Safe with no fuse

sự an toàn của ong

Bees are a fear for many people because their stings are painful and can be dangerous if someone has a severe allergy. However, bees go against other species when they cannot use stingers, so they are very safe and friendly to humans.

Bees - the perfect choice for beekeeping in the city

nuôi ong dú trong thành phố

Because of their non-aggressive behavior and lack of stingers, wasps can be kept in densely populated areas such as cities. The only condition is that the bees have enough flowers nearby. Although when they realize that the hive is in danger, they begin to display aggressive behaviors such as biting, entangled in hair, trying to get into the nose or ears, etc. But some species are so tame that they will not be aggressive. ferocious even when their hive is opened for colony division or honey extraction.

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