NS toys for kittens Helping cats to reduce stress below will help new kittens become less stressed, easier to get along with, and can prevent problems from arising. Kitty do not interact with society much enough.

Why do kittens need to play?

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Play is essential for newly adopted kittens, especially if you only have one. Kittens if raised with their mother and littermates will develop the hunting skills they need in the wild. However, if the herd is separated early, the owner will need to get to know and play with the baby. This will help your cat grow stronger, stronger and more sociable.

Once the kittens are old enough to start interacting with the outside world, you need to play with them often so that they trust you more and you also get to know them better if you play with the cat regularly.

In particular, play with kittens with toys for kittens Helping your cat to reduce stress also helps new kittens to be less stressed, easier to get along with, and can prevent problems that arise from kittens not interacting socially enough.

Toys for kittens that help cats reduce stress

1. Cardboard box

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Kittens love cardboard boxes and you can put toys in boxes or connect multiple boxes to create tunnels for cats to play.

This is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your cat entertained while you're away. Kittens love to play with cardboard boxes and they often hide in them because they feel safe.

To save money, you can get a cardboard box with holes to make a place to play with the kittens.

2. Rake column

This is not only a tool for cats to scratch, but also a useful toy for kittens. You can buy a scratching post and attach feathers to it to get the cat's attention more.

Some kittens may not be interested in scratching posts at first, but as they grow older, they will increasingly play with scratching posts. Therefore, you should not forget the scratching post in your collection of items toys for kittens Please.

3. Toys to play catch


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Kittens love to chase things, so you can have them chase a ball on the floor, or let your cat play with remote-controlled mice to activate their hunting instincts. This is a great tip for playing with cats.

4. Let the kittens play games on smartphones

You can try letting your cat play games on your phone. These are games designed specifically for cats and require cats to use their paws to press on red dots or fish that appear on the phone screen.

When the cat presses on it, red dots or fish will appear and stimulate the cat's interest. These cat games can also train your cat's eye reflexes.

5. Bubbles

You can blow bubbles into the air and then watch the cat jump up and grab the balloon. This game helps cats develop distance judgment.

6. Roll of wool

Woolen roll is a very attractive toy to help stimulate the cat's movement. Cats love to play with spools of wool, just rolling around attracting them. Your cat can play for a long time with the wool rolls without getting bored.

7. Cat grass

You can buy a treat ball for your kitten and stuff it with cat grass. This ball will become a very interesting toy for cats. Cat grass or mint grass can also help cats relieve stress and reduce loneliness when they are alone.

8. Laser Pen

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Kittens love to chase laser dots. So you can buy a laser pen and shine it along the floor for the cat to chase. But do not let the cat play this game for too long because the cat will get tired easily. Before you put the laser pen away, you need to let the cat catch the laser dot one last time.

There are many products on the market right now toys for kittens makes the cat feel interesting and helps to make the relationship between the lotus and the cat boss become more intimate. If you play with your cat every day, the kitten will trust you more and will also begin to show you more affection.

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