How many months long does a British cat give birth?? How to breed and care for longhaired British cats during pregnancy? In the article below will answer this for you.

How many months long does a British cat give birth?

British Longhair CatAt 6 months of age they will begin estrus. Mated ald cats can reproduce even if they are still immature.

If not spayed, an adult ald cat can give birth to no less than 2 litters a year. Usually they give birth 2-3 litters/year. Each litter, the ald mother cat usually gives birth to 4-6 kittens.

So How many months long does a British cat give birth?? Normally, the mother cat will be pregnant for about two months. Normally, kittens will be born between 58-67 days of gestation. If by the 70th day after pregnancy, the mother cat has not given birth, then you should take her to the veterinarian for ultrasound, examination and surgical intervention if necessary.

The problem of breeding and caring for British longhair cats during pregnancy

1. Breeding British Longhair Cats

mèo anh lông dài bao nhiêu tháng thì đẻ

British longhair cats are very popular today, so breeding them is also very interested. In addition to the available coat color, many owners also have other needs with different coat colors from the father.

Currently, depending on the appearance and origin of the male cat, the cost of breeding will vary. For example, domestic male cats have a mating price of 1-3 million VND/time. Imported male cats have a mating price of 5-7 million VND / time.

Before breeding an ald cat, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Health check, veterinary testing for female cats before mating to see if the female cat is suitable for breeding or not.
  • There is a complete and appropriate nutrition for female cats before mating and preparing for pregnancy later.
  • Deworming, fully vaccinated the mother cat before mating to avoid infecting the kittens after birth and the male cat when mating.
  • Not all cat breeds can be mated with each other. Therefore, if you breed indiscriminately, the next generation of kittens will often encounter diseases and illnesses. Owners need to avoid letting cats go indiscriminately inbreeding, do not let them go out many times during estrus.

2. Signs of pregnancy in British Longhair cats

Common signs of pregnancy in British Longhair cats:

  • The mother cat has morning sickness, unusual appetite or loss of appetite.
  • The belly is getting bigger every day.
  • Nipples are pinker, fuller and more swollen than usual
  • The mother cat becomes more difficult and fierce.
  • Often seems tired and tired of exercise, prefers to lie down, sleep a lot.
  • Closer to the day of birth, the mother cat will find a box or cry somewhere, then bring rags to make a nest. Female ald cats also have the habit of "hiding their babies", so you need to pay attention to them when they are about to give birth to find the kittens.

mèo anh lông dài bao nhiêu tháng thì đẻ

3. How to take care of British longhair cats during pregnancy

The body of an ald cat during pregnancy will have many changes. They need more energy than usual, so you need to increase your daily food and calorie intake to 50% compared to normal.

Make sure the mother cat is provided with adequate food, water, milk, and nutrients throughout her pregnancy. It is recommended to provide adequate minerals and vitamins for the mother cat. Choose food that is suitable for the pregnant mother cat at the pet supermarket or veterinary facility. If you want to make your own food for the mother cat, make sure her meal contains all the nutrients needed for a balanced nutrition, like protein and vitamins.

During the lactation period, you should also pay attention to their diet in the same way. And it is necessary to regularly take the mother cat to the veterinarian for health checks.

3. Note when it is necessary to treat the pregnant ald cat

It is necessary to fully vaccinate the female cat before pregnancy, so that the antibodies are available in the mother's body and transmitted to the kittens through the mother's milk. You also need to deworm the mother cat before mating so that the newborn kittens do not get worms from the milk.

Absolutely do not use medicine or treat a pregnant cat without consulting a veterinarian. If your cat is sick, take them to the nearest veterinary clinic so your veterinarian can advise you on the right medication for your pregnant cat.

How to take care of a new born British Longhair cat

At birth, the kitten's eyes are not open, you must not open the kitten's eyes because if you do, the kitten may go blind. Clean the eyes daily after the kitten is born by taking a clean, soft cotton ball or towel, moistened with clean water and gently wiping around the corner of the cat's eyes.

This should be done regularly so that when the kitten opens its eyes, it will not have eye diseases. Do not bathe both mother and kittens between the time the mother is pregnant and the kittens are weaned.

If the mother cat lacks milk, you absolutely do not give the kittens sugary milk because this milk will affect the infant's digestion. You can give them unsweetened cow's milk or special milk for newborn cats.

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