Tutorial on how to make a cat toy with a catrton

You are wanting make cat toys out of cartons, namely, make a house for your cat but don't know how to do it? Together vanchuyenchomeo.com Find out through the article below.

Things to prepare before making cat toys out of cartons

làm đồ chơi cho mèo bằng thùng carton

  • Cardboard box: You should choose thick and beautiful cartons so that the house for the cat is durable and can be used longer
  • Paper knives: A paper cutter will help you make better cuts than using scissors
  • Metal ruler: This tool is needed to draw cutting lines on the surface of the carton and align the cut line for the paper cutter.
  • Glue Guns: Has the effect of attaching the "walls" of the cat house.
  • Other items: Prepare a pen to make cuts, paint or crayons to decorate the cat's house...

Some tips when making cat toys out of cartons

làm đồ chơi cho mèo bằng thùng carton1

  • Choose good building materials, should buy thick, hard carton paper to make the house more durable, better bearing.
  • Before cutting, you need to draw the main details such as the length of the wall, window, door ... on the cardboard, then you just need to put the ruler up and cut it.
  • It is necessary to use a metal ruler to guide when cutting with a paper cutter, because if you use a plastic or wooden ruler, the blade will most likely damage the edge of your ruler.
  • For the roof, you should design 2 layers to better bear the force because sometimes cats will climb there to lie down. If the roof is too thin, the boss will easily "crush" the house.
  • Should make decorative parts such as potted plants, grass steps .. do last. Or you can use the leftover paper after finishing the mold of the cat house.
  • When gluing decorative parts or building frames, fix them with low-adhesive glue to avoid peeling off the cardboard when removed. Or you can use your hands to hold the parts until the silicone glue dries
  • With the roof, you can design it to be 4cm longer than the sides of the wall for a more eye-catching look.
  • Once done, paint can be used. crayons, stickers to decorate the house more beautiful and delicate
  • You can plant some sodium mint outside the balcony to create beauty and comfort for the house. Or it can be replaced with a fake fence for decoration.
  • After finishing, you should put a soft carpet so that the cat can comfortably sleep in your house

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind before you do it yourself make cat toys out of cartons. If you are ready, let's start the operation right away.

Steps to make cat toys out of cartons

Step 1: Cut 2 parts of the front house and the back house according to the pre-drawn dimensions. You need to cut 2 cartons for the back house & 2 for the front house to make the two sides of the wall. To cut beautifully, you should make a short cut of the paper, gently bend the paper back with your hand, then continue to cut until the end to make the cuts more beautiful.

làm đồ chơi cho mèo bằng thùng carton4

Step 2: After cutting 4 sheets of paper with the size above, take 1 front panel and 1 back panel to draw windows and doors on the carton according to the sample size.

Step 3: Stick the front house & back house with a silicone glue gun

Step 4: Use a straight cardboard box underneath as the floor. Stick 2 parts of the wall to stand up to make a frame for the house

làm đồ chơi cho mèo bằng thùng carton2

Step 5: Continue to use paper to make the roof. You can make a simple roof by placing sheets of paper on the frame of the house, then mark it with a marker & cut along those lines. Continue to use silicone glue to stick the roof with the wall

Step 6: Decorate the house to your liking. You can paint or use paint colors to your liking.

làm đồ chơi cho mèo bằng thùng carton6

Here is a guide for you Make cat toys out of cartons. Although it looks quite complicated, it is certainly very beautiful and will be a very special gift for Boss. Good luck!

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