Are you in need of a responsible, safe pet transportation service? Mr Son Pet Transport is a prestigious address and ensures absolute safety for you. And why should you use Mr Son's service? The following article will have the answer for you.

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Teach you how to safely transport pets

Prestigious and safe Mr Son pet transportation service

Currently, pets are considered as a soulmate, a family member, most of them are cute, lovely and rare species.

So if you have a job to transport them, but find an unsafe service, let your pet get sick, you will be very sad, right? Because pets are close animals, you still take care and cuddle them every day.

Therefore, the transport of pets not only needs to ensure the delivery of the pet to the recipient, but it is also important to ensure the safety of the pet's health during the transportation.

When you use Mr Son's service, Mr Son's staff will help the children when transporting for a long distance always ensure their health and especially not feel panic but self-harm. .

We accept pet transportation for customers in need all over the country, and make sure to ensure safe pet transportation with full warranties.

Guidelines for transporting pets safely

When transporting pets, you need to know a few of their general habits before choosing a mode of transportation for each pet species. Specifically:

Your pet's personality: May be aggressive when meeting strangers, timid or prone to panic in public, and flee wherever they deem safe.

When they don't feel safe, they can:

– Wetting the bed or foaming around the mouth

– Trembling, limbs do not move if they see anything that makes them worry.

– If they are transported or shocked, they are prone to vomiting..

For example, with cats, when frightened, their faces will be round, their eyes will widen to look ferocious, their fur and tail will stand up, and their snarling sounds will be harsh. As for dogs, they will growl and bark or bite people.

So how will you handle these cases?

What you need to do is make full preparations before shipping. First, you need to talk to Mr. Son about the pet's preferences so that we can choose the right cage for the animals. This will help make them comfortable in the cage during transport.

However, 1 week before that, you also need to lock the animal back to let them get used to being in the cage. And let the animal out to play in crowded places, especially on the bus, so that they get used to walking.

When transporting, you also need to check the safety of the pet cage to avoid bumps or dangerous objects that could harm them.

In particular, each pet needs a separate cage. You should never use a pet carrier that doesn't have its own cage, but instead crams your pets with other pets in the same place. This can cause your pets to be infected with diseases from other pets or other pets that will make your pets mentally confused and panic making them scared or aggressive suddenly.

What will you get when using Mr Son's pet transportation service?

1st : Your pet will be checked by our veterinary staff, if the pet is completely healthy, then the staff will provide an insurance for your pet for your complete peace of mind. care when we pick up your pet for you.

Monday: Mr Son accepts to transfer any pets to you in the safest way

Third: Mr. Son has pet insurance and if your pet has any problems when moving, we will be fully responsible and compensate the customer.

Fourth: Mr. Son also provides VIP services for customers who want their pets to be comfortable with space such as toys, food, water, air conditioning services....

Thursday: Mr Son accepts money transfer to buy on behalf

If you buy goods online but do not guarantee the seller's trust, Mr. Son can help you ensure this:

+ Receive goods correctly, type, color, not sick: Customers buying and selling online can send photos of their pets to Mr Son via Zalo message so that when receiving the goods, Mr Son can check again for accuracy.

+ Get it right and then pay the seller: Customers send money to Mr. Son via bank account (or directly), so that when receiving the correct pet as shown in the photo, the money will be delivered to the seller.


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