Toys for cats to scratch Nails and accessories that every owner cares about to help limit the cat's destructive situation. So cat scratch toys Which one should I buy? Where is the most convenient place to put them? Let's find out right through the article below.

Why do cats need toys to scratch?

Cat Scratch – Scratching is an inherent instinct of cats, so there is nothing we can do to remove its natural characteristics. Scratching helps them remove old talons from the claws as well as mark its territory by leaving a characteristic cat smell under the paw pads.

Without scratching toys, they will become very destructive by scratching furniture such as your couch, carpet, and other furniture.

And instead of letting them destroy you, buy cat scratch toys nail CORRECT ON TYPE and PUT ON RIGHT PLACE, your cats will become more obedient than ever.

What kind of cat scratch toy should I buy?

1. Cat scratching table

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Cat scratching table is the cheapest cat scratch toy. This scratching pad comes in a variety of shapes, such as rectangles, circles, or cut into animal shapes like mice, fish, rabbits, etc. You can buy it and place it on the floor or hang it on the handle. door for cats to scratch.

The scratching board can be decorated with rope, cardboard, rugs, or other cheap, rough materials for the cat to play with. Although it is cheap, cats often do not like scratching posts with scratching posts and tree houses, so you can use catnip stuffed cat scratchers to stimulate the cat more.

2. Cat scratching post and claw stick for cats

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The scratching post and the rake are items cat scratch toys Nails are very popular nowadays. A scratch post is simply a short post, covered with carpet fabric, rope, or other cat-attractive materials. The scratching post should be long enough for the cat to stretch to its full length.

The rake is taller than the rake post, is typically floor-to-ceiling length, and is securely tied to hold it in place. This type of toy is favored by cats because cats love to climb and observe their territory from above.

This cat accessory will also help keep your cat from climbing onto your bookshelf or curtain. It also helps cats exercise and increase territorial space, especially for families with many cats.

3. Tree house for cats

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The cat tree house satisfies both the scratching instinct and is the ideal resting and hiding place for your cat. This type of cat toy is also very diverse in design, material, and price. It has a multi-layered structure, covered with carpet fabric and shaped holes.

4. Cat playground

The cat playground has a combination of scratchers and toys that satisfy their climbing, hide-and-seek instincts. It usually includes shelters, hanging hammocks, hanging toys, blocks, tunnels, and other accessories for cats to play with.

The cat playground can be beautifully decorated and designed with many of the above items, with a place to hold the litter box.You can buy the combo of the above cat toys and arrange them scientifically to create a play space for your pet cat.

You can try a variety of cat scratch toys and choose the one that your cat likes best. VANCHUYENCHOMEO.VN good luck. If you need more advice on cat scratch toys, call 0913.52.44.50 Let us advise you.

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