WHY SHOULD USE A LEATHER AND LEATHER when taking your dog for a walk?

Necklace and dog leash They are all indispensable items when taking your dog for a walk. So why do we need to use dog collars and leashes when taking our dogs out? Together Vanchuyenchomeo.com find out now.

Why should you use dog collars and leashes when walking your dog?

Collars and leashes are indispensable items when walking your dog because with them you can take your dog out without worrying about them getting lost or biting others. No matter what breed of dog you have, collars and leashes are indispensable and you can freely choose the types of leashes and collars that are suitable for your dog. Most necklaces and leashes are designed to be flexible, allowing you to manually adjust the width of the necklace and the length of the leash.

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If you are raising a moving dog, the use of a collar and leash is essential. It helps you control your pet's behavior in crowded places. Also, make sure your dog doesn't get lost. Although when used, they may feel uncomfortable because they are not free to run and jump, but safety is guaranteed.

At present, the design of necklaces and leashes is more and more simple and compact. Especially with cloth leashes, they can overcome tangles compared to other dog leashes. There is 1 end of the rope with a hook to the collar, so you can rest assured that the skin of the dog's neck will not be damaged.

Dogs with collars and leashes indicate they have an owner. Wearing a collar and leash also makes it easier for owners to manage their pets and makes it easier for owners to find their lost dogs.

Popular types of dog collars and leashes today

1. Popular types of dog collars

  • Fabric Necklace: This type of necklace is made from very strong cotton yarns in a variety of colors and textures. It is commonly used because of its durability and does not cause damage to the skin of the dog's neck.

  • Leather Necklace: This kind of necklace is made of leather with high durability, beautiful and luxurious. There are small holes on the necklace pendant so you can adjust the size yourself.

  • Collar made of stainless steel: This is the sturdiest dog collar available today. It is used a lot for large and healthy dogs like Pitbull, Bully or Becgie…

2. Popular types of dog leashes

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  • Leash with dog collar: This type of leash is made of strong, durable fabric and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. This product is usually suitable for small dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Poodle, Phoc or Phoc squirrel, ...

  • Chest leash: This is a dog's chest strap, usually made of leather.

  • Discipline Leash: This is the type of leash commonly used in dog training. It is often used for dogs that are playful and like to run around.

  • Bra straps: This type of leash used in the summer will get quite hot, but they look cool.

  • Reinforced leash (or power leash): This type of leash has high elasticity. Inside the rope there is a flexible elastic spring to be able to adjust the pulling force. It is suitable for large dog breeds such as Becgie, Rottweiler, Pitbull…

  • Self-winding leash: This type of rope is the most popular today because it can adjust the length of the self-winding leash at will by pressing the automatic sucker.

Note when using dog collars and leashes

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When first worn, the dog may feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to give your dog time to adapt to wearing this accessory.

You need to train them to wear a collar to protect them. Do not let the dog mistakenly believe that wearing a collar is allowed to go outside. And you don't always need to go out with a leash, because it will make the dog feel constrained and lose freedom.

When walking your dog, you need to keep a certain distance. Do not hold the leash too close when the dog is excited or running forward because it will tie the dog's neck. Dogs are also prone to pain because the rope is too tight.

When using necklaces and leashes, you should adjust the size of the rope and necklace accordingly. Do not wear a collar that is too wide or too tight for your dog. You can also get your dog used to wearing a collar by letting them wear it regularly even at home. But if the collar is made of metal, be careful not to let the dog come into contact with fragile items.

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