11 EFFECTIVE ways to treat dog lice at home

Flea, scientifically known as Ctenocephalides Canis, belongs to the order Siphonaptera, is one of the animals that live parasitically by sucking blood on the body. dogs and cats. This animal is harmful to both pets and people, so it should be destroyed immediately if found. So is there any effective home remedy for fleas for dogs? Let's find out now.

Signs to identify a dog infected with fleas

Flea, scientifically known as Ctenocephalides Canis, belongs to the order Siphonaptera, is one of the animals that live parasitically by sucking blood on the body of dogs and cats. They have a very short life cycle, only 7-14 days, but they reproduce very quickly and span through 4 development stages of the life cycle: egg, larva, pupa and adult flea.

Fleas need to feed on pet blood to survive. They have an extremely fast growth rate, so it is difficult to control, especially in the hot and humid summer. More dangerous, fleas are also capable of spreading to humans with red, itchy bites.

Signs to identify a dog infected with fleas:

  • Dog hair appears small black spots that can move
  • Dog scratches itch, turns to gnaw the back part continuously
  • On the dog's skin appear red, red bites, like rashes
  • Dogs lose a lot of hair
  • Infected dog skin, sores
  • Dog body smell
  • Many dogs can be stunted, sick, tired, lack of vitality due to lack of blood and nutrients

Fleas can be detected with the naked eye. You should clean the dog's body and check the coat daily for early detection. Because if detected early, only a few children will kill them more effectively. If left for a long time, these parasites grow very quickly, so they can spread throughout your home.

11 effective ways to treat fleas for dogs at home

Fleas are an obsession for dogs. In addition to sucking blood and causing uncomfortable itching for pets, they also affect the surrounding living environment, sometimes affecting the lives of people. Therefore, we need to find safe and effective home remedies for fleas for dogs.

The use of folk methods such as tsalt water, lemon juice, rosemary, ... can only kill fleas at that moment. Fleas can still easily return and be a nuisance to your family. To get rid of fleas completely, you need to use special medicated products. Currently, there are many types of flea medicine such as: injection, oral or topical medication, ... depending on the infection status of your dog.

1. Bio Bivermectin Flea Treatment 10ml

Bio Bivermectin has 3 lines: Bio Bivermectin 0.1%, Bio Bivermectin 0.25% and Bio Bivermectin 1%, with different concentrations. This is an injectable drug that thoroughly kills fleas, dog ticks, scabies, parasites, helminths, roundworms on pets.

Using: Inject the dog under the muscle or under the skin.


  • Inject about 1ml / 3-5kg body weight.
  • Each course of treatment requires 3 injections, each injection is spaced 4-5 days apart.
  • After nose 1, the dog fleas were destroyed to 90%.
  • Nose 2 and 3 have the effect of completely killing and preventing fleas from returning.

Note: The drug is only used for severe flea infestations that cannot be completely treated by other methods. After the injection, the dog may experience some side effects such as: Fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite, ... Usually after 1-2 days it will go away. Do not give the medicine to puppies under 2 months old and sick.

2. Frondog flea spray 250ml

Frondog spray helps prevent and specifically treat parasites on the skin of dogs and cats such as fleas, dog ticks, lice, ... and effectively kills termites, termites, ants, and cockroaches. The ingredients of the drug are mainly flavorings, so it is not toxic to pets. Can be used for both pregnant or lactating pets, puppies from 8 weeks and up.

Using: Part the dog's fur to expose the skin, then spray directly on the areas of the dog's skin where ticks, lice, and fleas reside.


  • Use 3-6ml/kg weight depending on hair length (about 4-7 sprays/kg weight).
  • Do not bathe the dog after 24 hours of spraying.
  • Each application can prevent fleas for 30 days.

3. Hantox Spray 300ml Flea Treatment

Hantox Spray 300ml flea spray is divided into 3 lines based on volume: Hantox 100ml, Hantox 200ml and Hantox 300ml. In particular, Hantox 300ml treats dog ticks and fleas most effectively. The 200ml line is often used to kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, ...

Using: Part the dog's fur to expose the skin, then spray directly on the areas of the dog's skin where ticks, lice, and fleas reside.

4. TOPLINE flea spray 50ml

TOPLINE dog tick spray Can be used for pets over 2 weeks old and pregnant or nursing mothers infected with ticks and dog lice. But it only works in the treatment of ticks, fleas, jumping bugs, but does not work to kill other insects.

In particular, the drug effectively kills dog ticks, fleas, jumping bugs within 10 seconds of use and has a thorough killing effect within 24 hours. It also helps control tick larvae eggs, fleas within 24 hours.

5. Frontline Spray 100ml

Frontline Spray Flea Treatment 100ml helps kill ticks, fleas, Control skin allergies, prevent the development of eggs, larvae, pupae on the body of dogs and cats.

6. Bio Care Flea Treatment Shower Gel 200ml

Bio Care shower gel 200ml is a special line of body washes to treat ticks and fleas for pets. The product is very safe, gentle on pet skin without causing skin irritation. How to use like regular shower gel. But not for new born cats and dogs because the special ingredients can cause allergies to the dog's skin.

Using: Bathe the dog every 15 days to prevent reinfection.

7. Hantox Flea Shower Gel 200ml

Hantox Flea Treatment Shower Gel 200ml works to kill and prevent parasites such as fleas, dog ticks, lice, scabies, ... on the body of dogs and cats. In addition, it also helps nourish the skin, reduce hair loss, deodorize hair, protect the pet's body from bacteria and dirt.

8. Fay 5 star flea treatment shower gel

Fay 5-star flea treatment wash effectively kills ticks, lice, and parasitic fleas on the dog's skin, helps maintain the skin's natural moisture, smooths the coat and effectively deodorizes the coat. The product has a low cost but the efficiency is not inferior to other high-end product lines. Very suitable for people with a moderate economy.

9. Black SOS shower gel

Black SOS dog shower gel has the effect of treating dermatitis, preventing ticks, scabies, lice, and fleas on the pet's body. In addition, it also has the effect of smoothing the hair, deodorizing, keeping the skin's moisture, killing dirt and bacteria, helping to keep the dog's body clean.

10. Collar against dog ticks, fleas

Flea and tick collar is a type of drug that is used to treat and prevent ticks and fleas on pets. The collar contains a substance called Amitraz that paralyzes the nervous system of blood-sucking parasites such as chtes and dog ticks. Cause fleas, dog ticks can die within 3 days after wearing the ring. This product has a preventive and therapeutic effect up to 4 months.

  • Advantages: Treating fleas for dogs effectively without spending much time, you just need to put a collar on the dog's neck and you're done.
  • Defect: Only effective to prevent and kill fleas when wearing pet collars. If dogs wear rings for 6 months continuously, it can slow down their growth.

11. Flea comb

Using a comb is not an effective flea control method, nor does it treat or prevent fleas. However, using a comb can help you detect fleas that are parasitic on your pet's skin.

Using a flea comb has the advantage of being absolutely safe for pets, and is commonly used for puppies that are not old enough to use flea medicine. But the downside is that it is not possible to completely eradicate fleas, only to remove them temporarily. To treat the root, it is necessary to combine with some other specific drugs.


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