Kittens start weaning from 6 weeks of age, and at this time you need to give them foods other than milk. For kittens who still do not know how to eat grain food, it is necessary to patiently train the kitten to eat seeds. Here is the best method for you.


Grain food for kittens

Kitten Grain Food is a dry food that is made suitable for kittens of all ages. This type of food has many advantages: convenient, full of nutrition, eliminating the smell of cat waste, low cost, making cat care much easier.

However, cats always prefer meat or freshly prepared foods to dried nuts that have been drained. Therefore, you need to have a process for kittens to get used to dry seeds for the purpose of creating habits and preferences for cats.

After the cat gets used to eating seeds, eating seeds becomes the main meal of the cat. The process of training a cat to eat seeds requires patience, you may have to train your cat to eat seeds for a whole week. And during this time you will need to care and give a little experimentation to suit the preferences and personality of each individual cat.

Cats can transition to nut foods from 6 weeks to 2 months of age. Grain food cannot be used as a solid food for cats from 4 weeks. At the 4-week stage when cats start to eat weaning, you should cook porridge for kittens to eat weaning because they are easy to digest.

To train your cat to eat seeds, you can mix the seeds into porridge or milk to make it more palatable and easier to eat, but you should not use it often – continuously every day. This mixed grain after 1 hour if the cat does not eat it all, it should be thrown away because this food is very perishable. You can also occasionally feed your cat some dried nuts directly to see if she likes it.

If your cat is not used to eating a lot of seeds, you can give them a small amount but give them many meals every 2-3 hours to stimulate hunger and not cause waste.

Ways to mix seeds for cats to train kittens to eat seeds properly

1. Sprinkle seeds with warm water or microwave them

When your kitten is just learning to eat seeds, you can mix the dried seeds with warm water to dissolve the seeds, making it easier for the kitten to eat. Or you can also water a little water and put it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds, making the seeds softer and warmer, making the kittens feel more secure when eating.

2. Mix seeds and milk 

Newly weaned or not fully weaned cats can mix the seeds with cat milk. This will help enhance the taste and soften the seeds for the kittens. However, if the cat is an adult or has been weaned for a long time, it should not be mixed with milk.

3. Mix seeds with bone broth

Chicken/pork bone broth provides a lot of calcium, phosphorus and nutritional value, protein and fat… Besides, the sweetness of bone broth also helps to stimulate appetite, making seeds soaked in bone broth just enhanced. Nutrition helps cats eat more.

4. Seed mix pate / canned meat for cats

You can mix dry seeds and pate in the ratio of 60% grain feed + 40% pate/canned meat and feed after 5 minutes. Then gradually reduce the proportion of pate or canned meat and return to a dry grain-only diet. Cats can eat the pate or canned meat first, but then because the seeds have softened and have an attractive flavor they will continue to eat all the seeds.

However, you should not feed your cat pate or canned meat intended for humans, because these products may contain ingredients that are not good for cats and they contain too much salt.

Pate or ground meat, canned meat for cats is the best choice for cats under 6 months of age and at this age, canned meat pate for cats is a preferred food over dried seeds. However, you should not abuse or consider pate / canned meat as your cat's main food. Because cats eat pate very easily, they are prone to obesity and they are also prone to becoming addicted to pate, leading to abstaining from eating and not eating other foods.

5. Mixed rice grain

Kittens are usually quite fond of white rice and most of them do not refuse to eat rice. Therefore, mixing rice with seeds can help cats enjoy eating more.

How to change the type of nut food for kittens when training kittens to eat seeds

Cats may refuse to change nuts because they may be used to the old taste, or the new food has a taste that the cat doesn't like. There are many cases where cats have a habit and only want the taste of one food and refuse to eat another. Even when mixing two old and new foods together, they will still discard the new type of nut and accept only the old nut.

So how to get cats to eat new nuts?

You can soak the old nuts your cat is used to eating in a little bone water / milk / filtered water before giving it to your cat. Once you see that the cat likes to eat the old nuts mixed with water, gradually add the new nuts starting with a ratio of <10% of new nuts and from 90% of old seeds.

Then gradually increase the amount of new seeds over time and reduce the amount of old seeds. After successfully changing to a new type of nut, it is necessary to alternate meals without water so that the cat gets used to both eating patterns.

Here is some information on how Practice feeding the kittens seeds that we want to share with you. Wish you have healthy and lovely cats. If you need to know more about other ways to take care of cats, contact for advice.

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