If you are looking to train your cat to be more obedient and have good habits, the use of bonus cake To train children is the first choice. So how to use cat treats in training?

Why should you use cat treats in training?

Cat treats and snacks are the rewards that cats always enjoy. Their delicious, stimulating taste makes cats very fond of this delicacy. Here are the benefits of using bonus cakes in training:

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1. Proper use of reward cakes helps cats to be more obedient

Using treats will make your cat more obedient. When you want your cat to do something, if it does well, give them treats. Gradually, the cat will know that if he does the right thing, he will be rewarded. Just like that, the cat will be more obedient.

2. Treats help create good habits for cats

When your cat is rewarded with his favorite treat, he will know it's the right thing to do. Therefore, using reward cake when training will help increase the cat's ability to behave, creating good habits for them. For example, when the cat goes to the toilet in the right place, you reward them. They'll know it's right later on and you don't have to train them anymore!

How to use reward cake to train cats

When using treats to train your pet, it takes patience and time for the training to work as expected. Cats are inherently "cool", so you can't expect them to listen to you after only 1-2 days of training.

Even when using the bonus cake to train them, you also need to pay attention to take advantage of the bonus cake to be effective.

1. Use cat treats in the right situations

Do not reward cats every time they do something right because this will make the cat mistakenly think that when they do the right thing, they will be rewarded. You only need to reward the cat with cookies during the training session. This will help the cat understand the meaning of the treat.

When the cat does a certain command correctly, you should reward the cat. But only in the first time, later on, this should be abandoned. Instead, you should compliment, cuddle, and pet them. Do not abuse the reward cake because this will make them addicted, only do the right thing when there is a reward cake.

bánh thưởng cho mèo

2. Don't let your cat eat too many treats

Treats contain a variety of nutrients and supplements for cats. Therefore, if you feed your cat too much, it will make your cat overweight, easy to gain weight, and become obese. Because many types of cakes today have quite a lot of fat, fat, and additives to increase the taste.

Even if your cat does the right thing, you don't need to overfeed her with treats. To train your cat to stay healthy, you just need to reward your cat with 1 tablet or a small handful.

How to choose quality cat treats

When using the reward cake for training, the owner needs to choose the right type of cake that the cat likes. Most of today's reward cakes have a very delicious taste, but not all cats like to change the type of reward cake because of the strange and unappetizing taste. You need to choose the right product and give them only 1 cake, without changing the taste, the training will have the expected results.

Currently, there are many types of reward cakes with different flavors such as chicken, tuna, seafood... which are processed to suit the taste of cats. These bonus cakes It is small in size, very suitable for the cat's mouth. With the outside layer is a crispy crust, the inside is a very delicious, soft and nutritious filling for cats. 

Bonus cake is a very good nutritional supplement for cats, but The nutritional content in this product is very rich. Therefore, owners need to pay attention to balance the diet for cats so that they do not become overweight and obese.

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