Disgusting parasites such as dog ticks and fleas always suck the dog's blood every day, causing discomfort and greatly affecting the health and aesthetics of the dog's coat. So is there any effective way to kill dog fleas to immediately repel these pests?

How to kill dog fleas with specialized bath oils

Flea bath oil is a special bath oil that contains the active ingredients pyrethrins, a chemical used to kill fleas. It also has the effect of preventing and treating fleas, killing flea eggs and other parasites on the pet's body. In addition, anti-flea bath oil also works to clean hair, smooth hair, keep pets clean and fragrant. You can use flea shampoo as a regular body wash to use throughout the year to prevent ticks and fleas from returning and to clean your pet's body.


  • Step 1: Wet the dog's coat with warm water, then rub the flea shampoo onto the dog's coat.
  • Step 2: Wait 10 minutes after applying the bath oil to the dog's coat, then rinse with warm water.

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How to get rid of dog fleas with flea spray

Flea medicine for dogs works to kill parasites on the skin, pet hair and prevent dog ticks and fleas from attacking pets. If you have an indoor dog, it's best to learn about some of the most effective flea treatments for pets. These drugs affect the nervous system or digestive system of the fleas, making them unable to suck blood from the host and die. You can use sprays such as Hantox, Frontlife, Nexgard, Vime-frondog ... can effectively kill fleas for dogs.

How to get rid of dog fleas with flea powder

Flea powders work just as well as sprays. You buy powdered medicine and rub a thin layer of powder on the dog's coat. Rub several times to spread the powder evenly. Rub the powder from head to tail, making sure the powder touches all of the dog's skin. You can also sprinkle more powder on the dog's bed and repeat the application to the dog's coat once a week until it is completely gone.

How to kill dog fleas with dog bath water

Dog washes and rinses often contain chemicals such as pyrethrins, permethrins, and organophosphates that are effective against fleas in dogs. But only use after the dog has been infected with fleas.

You can mix the soak or rinse according to the instructions on the package. It is recommended to soak the dog in a diluted solution of the drug. Conditioner is a dilute solution used to rinse the dog's body until the coat is completely wet. Let your dog completely soak in both of these solutions, not just for each area of the dog's skin. After the dog is soaked in water mixed with medicine, leave it alone, do not rinse with water.

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How to get rid of dog fleas with a flea collar

Flea collars only kill fleas around the collar (the area around the dog's head and shoulders). But some high-quality flea collars can repel or completely kill fleas if used correctly. Choose a collar that is appropriate for your dog's age and weight.

When wearing a flea collar for your dog, try running two fingers under the collar to make sure the collar fits snugly and isn't too tight. Then trim off the excess after putting the collar on the dog, don't let them chew on the other end of the collar.

See the instructions for how long the necklace lasts, and what to avoid as some necklaces become less effective if wet. And you also need to monitor the area of the dog's neck below the collar and remove if there is irritation in the area of the skin wearing the dog collar.

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