Dog leash It is a must-have accessory when you take your dog out. It is used to train puppies, then continues to be used for many years as the dog matures. Owners will use a leash to control and train the puppy to learn what is okay and not allowed. So what is the right way to wear a dog leash?

Benefits of using a dog leash

  • Dog leashes help prevent dogs from chasing other animals, or chasing strangers or motorbikes.
  • A dog leash gives your neighbors peace of mind when they don't know if your dog is obedient or not
  • Dog leash prevents dogs from running away
  • When worn correctly, dogs will get used to it and love wearing a leash
  • Owners can pull dogs back when in danger on the road, which can sometimes save their lives.

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The most common types of dog leashes

1. Ordinary dog leash

This type of leash includes a leash and a necklace. The leash is made of many materials such as nylon, leather, leash, etc. The collar is fixed to the dog's neck and has a place for the leash to hook on.

2. Dog bib leash

This type of leash consists of a conductor and a bib. The leash is the same as a regular dog leash. The bib is designed to go on the front legs, has a fixed buckle and the hook is located on the dog's back.

3. Automatic dog leash

This type of leash consists of an automatic conductor combined with a collar or bib belt. This lead can automatically adjust the length according to the direction of the dog's movement, so there is no worry about the rope being twisted, entangled or touching the ground.

How to wear a basic dog leash for your reference

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1. How to wear a regular dog leash

Before putting on a leash, you should always let the dog sit in the most comfortable position. Then gently put the necklace on them and then lock it in place. After wearing the necklace, you just need to hook the wire to the necklace and you're done.

2. How to wear a bib-type dog leash

With a bib belt, your dog will be more comfortable and active than with a collar strap. But wearing a dog bib will require more work. You need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Place your dog in a standing, sitting, or most comfortable position.
  • Step 2: Put the strap over the dog's neck and make sure it is in place on their back.
  • Step 3: Pass the dog's legs through each hole of the bib in turn and slide the harness to lock the strap.
  • Step 4: After locking, if you find the dog uncomfortable, you should loosen the rope.

3. How to put on an automatic dog leash

This type of leash has a design that includes an automatic cord combined with a collar or bib belt, so you just need to hook the lead wire to the necklace or bib belt.

How to train your dog to wear a leash you should know

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1. Train your dog to get used to the leash

When teaching your dog to wear a leash, you need to avoid using leashes that can cause damage to dogs such as spiked collars, discipline chains or electronic collars. These types of ropes can be effective immediately because they work on the principle that the more the dog pulls, the more it hurts. But overusing these leashes is very traumatic for dogs and hurts the dog-owner relationship because it strikes at the dog's fears rather than helping them learn new things.

2. Control your dog's behavior when wearing a leash

Many dogs may think they are about to go out when their owners put a leash around their neck, and they get excited by running around or pulling on the leash. In this case, you should not move the location, but keep them around the house. You can alternate taking off the leash and putting it back on if necessary so they understand: wearing a leash does not mean going out and they will be more obedient.

To maximize the effectiveness of the leash, challenge the dog each time he tries to run first and pull the leash in the direction he wants. You can stop and change direction to gain control. This method helps to suppress stubborn dogs. Over time, they will realize that you are the one in control. You need to master the speed, direction, and destination, and the dog must learn to obey.

3. Don't be impatient when training your dog on a leash

Your dog will not immediately learn the correct behavior when using a dog leash. It takes a lot of time and patience to train them daily with a leash to form a new habit. After about a month, your teaching will take effect. and you also need to maintain short exercises to shape the behavior of the dog.


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