Use bonus cake (dog treat) is an effective secret to help train dogs to become more obedient and obedient. This is an indispensable snack during dog training to praise and encourage them to become obedient and obedient. So what are the benefits of dog treats, is it good to use them? Let's find out now.

Why do dogs like treats? Are dog treats good?

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Dogs are omnivores and love to eat, especially junk food. Therefore, many owners every time they train their dogs, bring a little snack for them, which is a reward cake. When training and seeing that there is food, they will try to follow orders and requests of their owners. Because they know that only when they do well according to training can they get those delicious foods. As a result, the effect of training will be much faster and more effective.

If viewed from a nutritional perspective, the reward cake does not have much nutritional value. But it is an indispensable part for every dog. It can not only be used to train pets, but can improve their bad habits.

If you are maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet, you should not give your dog too much junk food. Because the reward cake will reduce their daily nutrient absorption. You should pay attention not to choose treats that contain a lot of sugar and salt, which will be harmful to your dog's health.

However, currently, some types of cakes also have ingredients that help improve calcium deficiency, hair loss, anorexia, and anorexia in dogs. In the reward cake contains additives and flavorings and some other ingredients. These ingredients are effective in stimulating the dog's appetite. So if a main meal is not to your dog's taste, you can use snacks as an appetizer to stimulate your dog's appetite.

What are the benefits of dog treats?

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The first effect of the reward cake is to stimulate the pet's appetite. At the same time, it helps the dog to be more obedient when training. You can command the dog to sit still or stand up and then praise and reward them. With an animal as smart and gluttonous as a dog, they will be rewarded if they obey.

Treats are also helpful in changing a dog's behavior. For example, help them reinforce action, overcome fear. But owners need to pay attention to the amount of food and how often to reward the dog each day. Do not constantly use treats to train your dog and reward them continuously. Because if they do so, they will gradually become bad habits. Make your dog think the opposite is to be rewarded for them to work.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of cakes that are very useful for bones, skin, dog hair, help reduce tartar, massage teeth and prevent gingivitis and gingivitis. And when buying a reward cake, you should not choose a reward with too much sodium, sweeteners or fat to avoid causing danger and causing serious diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes ... for dogs.

Note when using dog treats

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Many pet owners make the mistake of feeding their dogs human snacks. This is not advisable, because those foods may be suitable for humans, but there are many spices that are not good for the dog's digestive system. You should learn which snacks are harmful and can cause poisoning for dogs to avoid harming their bodies. It is best to buy a dedicated reward cake. Because it both ensures nutrition, quality, and avoids any risks.

When using the reward cake, the owner should not use it too many times. Every time you train or play with your dog, it is not necessary to reward them with cookies, to avoid training them in bad habits. Because eating too much junk food will not be beneficial to the dog's health, reducing their excitement and fun. Even making the dog become more stubborn, doing whatever he does is asking for a reward. You need to be wise in choosing and using dog treats.

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