British Longhair Cat Student Price (Ald Cat) is a line of ornamental cats originating from the cross between British short-haired cats and long-haired cats such as Persians, Siamese, Russian cats, or the British long-haired cat hybrid itself to create cats. very beautiful long hair. This breeding process is done in Vietnam, so these cats are much cheaper than cats imported from the UK or imported from Thailand.

British longhair cat student price Currently there are many different coat colors such as cream, red, white, black, chocolate, blue, fawn, cinnamon, tabby, bicolour, tipped, smoke, tortoiseshell, ....

To identify if a student ald cat is purebred or not, besides checking the papers, the origin of the parent cat and the mother cat is purebred or not, we can rely on the specific characteristics of the cat. traditional British cat breeds to distinguish such as: The head is quite large compared to other cat breeds; big eyes, rather fierce look; big cheeks, slightly ragged edges on both sides; The skeleton is quite large…

The ald cats are quite heavy, with good care and science, the female can weigh 4-6kg, and the male can weigh up to 8kg. They also have a fairly long lifespan, can live from 14 to 20 years depending on living conditions.

Types of British long-haired cats at student prices are available in Vietnam

1. British Persian Longhair Cat

The Persian-British Longhair has a beautiful long, ruffled coat. And depending on whether the dominant gene is a persian or not, ald persian kittens will have a flat or slightly flat face and a persian-like upturned lips.

2. British longhair cat hybrid cat

British longhair cat hybrid cat It is quite difficult to distinguish if they carry the dominant gene as a cat. These cats will have a face that is not as fat and round as an ald cat, and the coat is not too long like an ald cat, but it will be more like a cat.

To distinguish a British longhair cat, you need to pay attention to their body size. These hybrid cats are often larger than other cats due to the ald cat gene in them. And their coat is also longer, thicker, and smoother than ours.

This is a quite popular hybrid cat breed in Vietnam due to the student price, from only about 300,000 VND, you can buy one for yourself.

3. British long-haired hybrid cat

Mèo Anh lông dài giá sinh viên4

These hybrid cats often possess the blue-eyed gene of Russian cats. However, there is information that blue-eyed white-haired ald cats have a high rate of deafness. If the F1 hybrid is not deaf, the offspring like F2, F3... may appear deaf kittens.

4. British longhair scottish hybrid cat

Mèo Anh lông dài giá sinh viên3

These British Longhair cats will often have beautiful scottish-like ears. At birth, scottish British Longhair kittens will have straight ears but after 21 days they will begin to appear folds.

British scottish long-haired cats with drooping ears will have a very high price due to their kuteness, usually their selling price is over 3 million/baby.

5. British Longhair Siamese cat

Mèo Anh lông dài giá sinh viên2

These hybrid cats will have the long coat of the ald cat + the coat has black spots like a siamese, blue eyes like a siamese cat, and a fat face like an ald cat. This can be the cat model of many people who love unique cats.

What is the price of a British longhair cat for a student?

In the Vietnamese market, British longhair cat student price Prices range from 1.5 million / baby or more and are divided into many different segments. Their prices in Ho Chi Minh City will be higher than those outside Hanoi from 300,000 to 1 million VND/baby due to supply and transportation costs.

Mèo Anh lông dài giá sinh viên1

  • Segment of British long-haired cat with student price (under 2.5 million): Most are mixed breed cats, so they don't have too many features of the British breed, but they are still very pretty.
  • The segment from 3 to 7 million VND: You will buy purebred ald cats with clear papers and pedigrees
  • Segment over 8 million: You will be able to own purebred British longhair cats imported from Europe or some countries such as Thailand and China. These are healthy and high-quality cats that are often purchased for breeding.

Many people like to keep ald cats but have no economic conditions, so they will choose cheap ald cats. If you already have experience raising this breed of cat, that's okay. But for first-time owners, is buying a British long-haired cat at a student price risky?

Usually cheap ald cats are usually British mixed cats, not carrying many of the characteristics of this cat breed. Therefore, their prices are very low. Depending on the color of their coat, their cuteness, the price may be even lower than the standard. However, there are still many sellers who take advantage of many people's hobby of raising cheap Western cats and sell poor quality, sick cats at the price of healthy cats. Therefore, you need to pay attention to check the cat carefully before buying it to ensure the quality of the pet. If you need to find a place to sell British longhair cat student price quality, you can contact to choose the right cat.

Shipping methods for British longhair cats at student prices

Depending on the distance & shipping conditions with the buyer will propose and agree on the best transportation option for both parties:

Mèo Anh lông dài giá sinh viên

1. Intra-city transportation

If the buyer and seller are in the same city or not too far apart (<30km), the buyer can bring the cat back or the seller can transport/ hire someone to deliver the cat to the buyer. Cats will be kept in iron cages/cat backpacks if available.

2. Transport to suburbs and provinces

If the buyer is in the suburbs or is quite far away (>40km), the seller will transport by passenger car (send a familiar garage) to avoid losing cats, exhausted cats along the way, ...

3. North-South shipping

If the buyer and seller are far away like in the North - South, then the plane is the best option, because if the seller is not familiar with the train transport, the possibility of the cat getting sick or lost will be very high.

For air routes, currently only Vietnam Airlines accepts it dog transport cat with the fare charged as regular baggage including the weight of the cat's cage. When transporting cats and dogs by plane, we will prepare a full vaccination certificate and health certificate issued in 10 days.

4. International Shipping

International transportation of cats and dogs to and from Vietnam currently has the following companies:

  • American Airlines (not accepted for flights more than 12 hours)
  • United Airlines (flying private jet)
  • Vietnam Airlines (Saigon to Los Angeles)
  • Frontier Airlines (Los Angeles to Branson)

Shipping an ald cat by international air freight requires a lot of paperwork. Therefore, the selling price of imported purebred ald cats is very expensive due to transportation costs.

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