When changing habitat, your pet will not be able to adapt immediately and may feel restless and alienated. In fact, when you move house, some dogs and cats will have sad behavior, anorexia, others may look upset, annoyed. So how can we help? Transporting cats and dogs to new homes safe? This article will help you to solve this problem


1. Prepare a lot of food, toys for dogs and cats

During the move, you will be quite busy, so the time to take care of your pet will be less and so before dog transport When the cat arrives at a new home, you should add to the list of things to buy food and toys for your pet.

This will also help "distract" the cat. They will feel more excited and focused on good toys and food, reducing the stress of moving house.

2. Bring familiar things with you when transporting your pet to a new home

An unfamiliar environment but familiar objects can also help your pet become more emotionally stable. So bring your pet's favorite toys with you before moving your dog or cat to a new home.

All their old furniture such as blankets, pillows, balls, food trays, etc., you should bring. In fact, pets also have familiar feelings and love their objects.

Therefore, do not change everything according to your preferences, because this will make the pet strange and panic. They will gradually get used to the new home, but at first keep the old furniture. After they get used to it, you can change it slowly.
Besides, you also need to keep the eating, sleeping, and eating habits of dogs and cats the same, do not change too suddenly.

3. How Transport your pet to a new home safe

Depending on the type of pet and your economic conditions, you can choose the appropriate transportation method. Usually with cats and dogs, you should put them in a cage or cage when moving to ensure safety and hygiene. About a week before the shipping date, you should put them in the cage to let them get used to being confined first. But still cushion them to sleep, feed, and first try to confine them for a few hours, …

Absolutely do not wait until the day of transportation to catch hard animals locked in cages, it will cause them to panic, scream, resist, ...

If you just need to move close, you can also let your dog or cat sit in the car for them to be comfortable, but need to be leashed and muzzled for safety. Remember to let them go to the toilet before moving again, don't let them "flush" on the floor of the car, it will be very troublesome!

4. Put the pet in a separate room before cleaning

Before you finish cleaning your new home, you should put your pet in a separate room and close the door. You also need to prepare enough water and food for them to enter the room, and take the cat to the toilet as usual.

It is necessary to do so because the day of moving house will be quite messy, which can make pets uncomfortable. And if you hire a moving service, there will be more strangers, making them angry and attack. So to ensure safety, reserve a separate room for your dog or cat.

5. Move all the furniture, then move the pet

If your furniture is too much and needs to be moved for many days, move all the furniture and move the pet last. This will help you:

– Reduce one “harassment” so that you can arrange your new home more quickly.
Pets will have more time to get used to the change
– Pet psychology in the first few days will be unstable and need attention, so moving furniture will be completed first, giving you more time to play and comfort your pet.

6. Pay more attention to cats and dogs in the first few days at the new home

You need to pay more attention to dogs and cats in the first few days of moving into a new home. Many sensitive dogs will have sad behavior, anorexia, others may look upset, annoyed. When you pay attention to your pet, if you have any unusual symptoms or signs, you can handle it immediately.

It's best to keep your dog in a cage, cage or leash for the first few days. If you don't have a leash, you also need to make sure they can't get out on their own. Many pets feel that the new home is unfamiliar, so they try to find their old home, or are curious to explore the outside and easily get lost and do not know the way to their new home. They might as well be stolen.

7. Take your pet dog for a walk often

In order for your dog and cat to quickly get used to the new environment, you should take them outside to play regularly. This will help them get used to the smell and after a few days they will be able to "mark territory", familiar with the new place.

In addition, you also need to ask around to see if there are any special rules for cats and dogs. Some places may enforce dog muzzles when going out, others will regulate the place of toilet for dogs and cats.


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