Transporting a pet in the country is not easy when there are many car owners who may refuse to let you in the car when bringing a pet. At this point, you need a professional pet transportation service by train of Mr. Son.

Mr Son's service has helped move many domestic pets from North to South with prestigious quality and top service. Contact hotline 0913.52.44.50 for free advice and answers.

The process of transporting pets by train

You can use pet transportation to go to provinces in the country by Mr Son's train. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Customers call and contact Mr. Son through the hotline number 0913.52.44.50. We will advise you on the breed of pet to transport, the size of the cage, the shipping fee as well as the accompanying procedures.

Step 2: If the customer does not have a pet cage, Mr Son Pet Transport will prepare a cage for you, you need to inform the breed, size and weight of the pet in advance so that we can prepare the cage.

Step 3: Pet Transport Mr Son drafts and signs a pet transportation contract with the customer. KYCustomers need to deposit 30-50% contract value for us to do the cost of carrying out the procedures for you. 

Step 4: On the date of shipping, customers only need to deliver the pet to Mr Son Pet Transport. We will be responsible forTake care of and monitor your pet on the train. And notify customers as soon as the pet arrives.

Procedures for carrying out the service of transporting pets by train

The procedure to carry out the pet transportation service by rail is quite simple. You just need to prepare the following:

– Prepare a comfortable transport cage for your pet
- Prepare medical examination book.
– Prepare enough food and water for pets during the journey.
– Register for train tickets for pets.

Depending on the destination to be transported to, the time to carry out the domestic pet transportation process will vary. Normally, shipping time for one North-South route will take more than 1 day (about 30 hours).

Regarding the cost of transporting pets, different types of pets will have different costs. The best way to know the exact cost of domestic pet transportation is to contact Mr Son's prestigious Pet Transport Service via Hotline: 0913.52.44.50.

Note when performing domestic pet transportation services by train.

For each type of pet, the sending process will be different. To ensure the most secure pet transportation, you must know the following information:

Pet health: There are some breeds of dogs and cats that are very weak and vulnerable during transportation. So before moving, Your pet needs to be in good health, not sick, and fully vaccinated. Pregnant pets will not be transported.

- Provide complete information about pets: This is a very important issue to make the shipping process go smoothly. You need to provide us with the following information:

  • How many kg does the pet weigh?
  • How many centimeters tall is the pet?
  • How many centimeters long is the pet?
  • What breed is the pet?
  • Male or female pet? What is the hair color?
  • The most important thing you need to make sure is whether your pet is carrying any diseases, or has any health-related signs that need attention, you should notify us for advice.

- Provide complete information about the recipient: This is extremely important for us to transport your pet to a safe place.

Why should you use Mr Son's dog and cat transport service?

1. More convenient than transporting by car or plane

Compare to dog transport Cats and pets by car or plane, Mr. Son's high-speed train transport service for cats and dogs has many more advantages:

Compared to cars: High-speed train transportation is better than cars because pets are placed on the train, you will not have to worry about pets being left in the hot trunk, suffocation and the smell of gasoline.

Compared to airplanes: Transporting pets by high-speed train is better than transporting pets by plane in the following points:

+ No need to worry about pressure and temperature: Pets will be subject to pressure and temperature changes while in the aircraft cabin

+ Much cheaper price: Transportation by high-speed train is only 25% cheaper than by plane, not to mention when transporting by air, the use of specialized cages increases the price.

+ Faster procedure: Rail transport procedures are much faster, but when transporting by plane, you will have to spend a lot of time waiting at the airport for check-in and check-out procedures. Not to mention the need to have enough quarantine documents…. time consuming for both sender and receiver.

In addition, whether transporting pets by car or plane, you will put your pet in the trunk of the car or warehouse, so that during the transportation, there will be no one to take care of, feed and drink in time. If transporting by Train, there will always be staff to keep an eye on your pet.

Transport by train always has a guaranteed time, rarely has delays like air transportation or encounters objective factors such as bad roads, traffic jams, enough new trips... like in passenger cars.

2. Prestige and quality warranty and insurance regime

Transporting pets is different from transporting goods, in that pets are live animals, subject to illness, illness, and death. If you ship by Air, you will not be compensated when the pet dies. This is in the regulations of any airline.

When transporting by Mr. Son's train, you will be compensated if there is a risk according to the contract of carriage, Mr. Son will try to take care of the pet as best as possible during the move. However, it will also be difficult to avoid during long-distance transportation, many unexpected situations, tired, sick pets, possible risks, and you have to be ready for that.

3. Accept money transfer by buying on behalf

If you buy goods online but do not guarantee the seller's trust, Mr. Son can help you ensure this:

+ Receive goods correctly, type, color, not sick: Customers buying and selling online can send photos of their pets to Mr Son via Zalo message so that when receiving the goods, Mr Son can check again for accuracy.

+ Get it right and then pay the seller: Customers send money to Mr. Son via bank account (or directly), so that when receiving the correct pet as shown in the photo, the money will be delivered to the seller.


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