Have you ever been stung by a bee? Are you afraid of being stung by a bee? Are you afraid of bees when you have small children and elderly people at home? .vv

However, what makes? bee (a recently popular new species of bee) become the first choice when keeping in families, even with small children?

Let's pet transportation Find out information about bees and the advantages of beekeeping.


Stingless bee is a species of bee with a very small size, gentle nature, no stinger and no danger to the owner.

This species of bee is found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, including Vietnam.

Wasps are classified as Beetle without stinger.

Maybe You Don't Know

A special thing that you do not know is that in the bee family, the bee has no stinger (Stingless bee) accounting for 98% of species, the remaining 2% are bees with stingers used for self-defense and hunting.

Humming bees, honey bees, bees, bees, etc. Which you often see a lot, but it only accounts for 2% of species in the bee family.

What's In The Hive And What Can Be Exploited?

03 Main products obtained from the nests of wild bees, wild bees and farmed bees include: Honey, bee pollen, propolis.

tìm hiểu về loài ong dú

Bee honey is a unique and special type of honey in the bee family, because of the honey-making mechanism and storage method of this bee.

Honey has a sweet and slightly sour taste due to the presence of lactic acid, yeast, and other beneficial microorganisms.

Honey has many applications in cosmetics, beauty, medicine, food, life, etc. due to its high medicinal value.

Another product harvested from the hive is bee pollen, which is completely different from the pollen you can buy at the supermarket or store.

phấn ong dú
How good to drink fermented pollen, where to buy bee pollen

Bee pollen consists mainly of natural pollen, enzymes secreted from the saliva of worker bees and intestinal beneficial bacteria living symbiotically in the hive.

For more clarity and detail on the benefits of bee pollen and how it differs from pollen, you can view the full here.


Very few people know about this stingless bee, and even more rarely do people see the structure inside the hive of this bee?

In the natural conditions of Vietnam, bees are scattered and almost all over the territory of Vietnam.

In cold, cold areas all year round, they live deep in old and primeval forests.

Where there are big old trees, but big caves can shelter their nests in the cold winters.

In areas with a warm, hot climate all year round, you will have a better chance of seeing them appearing on flowers in urban and city flowers.

Because of the warmer areas, the population of wasp is more dense, more widely distributed and their nests are made in places that are easier to find.

The ideal nesting place of wasps in deep forests is usually in the bushes of perennials, in cliffs, rock caves, or digging holes in the ground or making use of termites, rat burrows, snake burrows, etc.

tìm hiểu vòng đời của loài ong dú

In urban areas, apartments, the common nesting places of this bee are:

In the floors, wooden pillars of the house, on the drywall ceiling, old suitcases that have been unused for many years, in old cartons, in abandoned water pipes, or conduits for cables and wires. present or in public electrical cabinets, telecommunications cabinets, power poles, etc

ong dú làm tổ trong bức tượng
The image of a bee hive made inside a plaster statue has the door of the nest located at the mouth of the statue

In general, the biology of this bee often prefers cool, shaded places.

And nesting inside another object, with the aim of using it to create an outer layer of protection for the entire hive from predators, and the effects of nature.


Safe and no fuse

When it comes to bees, many people are afraid because their stings are very painful and can be dangerous if you have a history of severe allergies.

However, with wasps, they go against other bees when the bees do not have their own stingers.

This stingless bee's only defense is to bite and smear propolis on its opponent.

The sting of a wasp is not poisonous, does not cause pain, does not swell, and is not as dangerous as other bees.

Therefore, they are chosen as household pets that are easy to raise, and safe even when there are small children and the elderly at home.

tổ ong dú
A woman cherishing a bee hive in her garden is not afraid of being stung by bees

TO UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT NATURE and connect with the environment

If you love to learn, explore, create, explore or want to teach your kids about the natural life sciences, you'll want a beehive in your garden!

There are many interesting scientific discoveries inside a beehive.

For example, observe how bees search for a new nesting place, see and understand how bees make honey, store food and how queens lay eggs to grow the colony, etc.

tìm hiểu về loài ong dú
Wasps are kept in schools

The secret life of these little creatures, shows us that wild nature still has a lot of interesting things, but sometimes you are so busy with material civilized life that you accidentally drop things that seem like This simple but extremely precious thing is peace.

Helps pollinate & disperse seeds for garden plants

You like to plant plants around the house, you have several flower beds or cotton pots!

Do you want them to bear fruit or do you want someone to “admire” and “appreciate” your flowers every time they bloom!

cách làm tổ cho ong dú

The bees will be the first to visit your flowers before they bloom.

They are there waiting for the petals to "open the door", so that they have to be the first to enter to discover the flower.

To give thanks to the flowers that gave the bee drops of sweet nectar, of the hair but the meaning of thousands of gold.

The bee has returned to the flower with stem-heavy seeds and fruit of the best quality, because it is fully pollinated.

In addition, bees also help carry these seeds everywhere, helping the plant to spread and carry the seed farther.

Decorate the garden, miniatures and relieve stress

Your garden is too quiet, without the birdsong or the flapping of the wings of the insects visiting the garden.

So how can you make your garden more lively and bustling?

tìm hiểu ong dú

A bee hive placed in the garden will make your garden more lively and bustling every morning.

The sight of bees fighting for nectar on flowers that you grow yourself.

làm tổ cho ong dú

A cup of coffee or a cup of tea, and watch the flowers and bees work every early morning in a tranquil setting.

It will be a tonic to relieve stress and create a fire of spiritual motivation that no other magical medicine can compare.

Help preserve wild bees from the danger of extinction

Faced with the problem of deforestation, bluff hunting and exploitation of wild bees, farming using pesticides, etc. It has pushed honey bee species to the brink of danger less and less.

Maybe in the future, our children and grandchildren will no longer be able to see the natural beehives made in the garden.

In order to help the wild bee colonies have a safe haven, reproduce, continue to develop sustainably and maintain the breed.

tìm hiểu về loài ong dú

A bee hive placed in the garden is the best thing that you can do easily, to contribute to nature's faster recovery and balance.

Or you can also create houses and shelters for other solitary wild bees to nest.

With simple materials such as bamboo straws, grass straws, or discarded pieces of wood etc.

làm tổ cho ong dú
These bee hotels are used to welcome wild guests in your garden.

The houses built to welcome these guests are called Bee hotel.

tìm hiểu vòng đời của ong dú
The image shows the life cycle of a lone bee from the time it is an egg.

And the other frequent taste for these bee hotels are wild solitary bees, see more details about them https://hocnuoiongdu.com/tim-hieu-ong.

No care, no waste of time, absolutely loyal

Beekeeping is not the same as keeping any other pet or bee species.

If you have a dog, cat, hamster, flying squirrel, etc. You must take care of them, feed them, clean them when they poop, etc.

Or honey beekeeping needs to have a lot of flowers for the bees to develop, if not to move the bees to follow the flower source.

Not to mention the technical complexity and the ability to leave the nest is very large .vv

With bees, they do not require you to care, take care of them continuously and spend a lot of time as well as costs for food, cleaning, etc.

Wasps do not need you to do those things for them, wasps have high disease resistance and diligently gather food outside, so you don't need to worry too much about your nest.

tìm hiểu về loài ong dú

There are many records of nesting bees and staying in one place for up to a hundred years without ever leaving the nest, which is something that no other bee species can do.

But to have long-lasting beehives with time, you need to choose the right bee breed and reputable seller.

As it relates to the quality of a hive, viability, disease resistance, honey quality, understanding to be able to guide you in the beginning.

Not all swarms of bees survive long after being domesticated by humans.

tìm hiểu về loài ong dú

Most of them will die after being caught by humans and brought to wooden crates to raise, for many reasons that you cannot know all, only experienced people will share these facts with you.

Choosing a reputable supplier will help you get rid of these worries.

Bees - the perfect choice for beekeeping in the city

nuôi ong trong thành phố

Because of the above advantages, bees are chosen as unique pets in densely populated areas such as cities and urban areas, which are receiving more attention.

You can see more details about the benefits that you get when keeping bees in the house with the sharing "18 reasons to keep a bee hive in the house".

Or you want to find another pet that better suits your personality, you can refer to the sharing "What to feed a baby?".

For more information and experience with beekeeping, you can watch the youtube channel sharing about bees at: Beekeeping for honey [Beekeeping for honey].

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Currently, the Internet and smartphones have brought retailers to buyers easier and faster.

But you also need to be cool-headed and knowledgeable about the product you're about to buy, and so are bees.

Currently many people sell bees, but with poor quality.

Most of the beehives are in a poor state of development, newly caught from the forest or are "sloppy" farming crates of each type, and are not technically correct, not of the right breed, etc.

There are many reasons why your hive after buying it does not grow, develops poorly or will die after a few months.

When selling, everyone assures that they are reputable, good products, warranties, etc. But when the money has been given, an incident occurs, how they handle the problem for you, then the credibility can be measured. saleman's.

Trust is lost, interpretation and reasoning are just conceptual swaps.

The following vanchuyenchomeo.com Here are a few tips to help you choose the best beehives:

Evaluation criteria outside the hive

  1. Bee box. Bee boxes must be clean, neat, uniform and must meet all technical standards.

See technical details of a standard bee box here https://hocnuoiongdu.com/thung-nuoi-ong-du-furva

  1. The number of worker bees flying in and out.

Observe at the door of the nest, within 1 minute the number of worker bees in and out of the hive is 30 or more. This shows that the hive has enough outside workers to feed the bees inside.

cách làm tổ ong

Evaluation criteria inside the hive

3. Color. The color of the ingredients inside must be bright, yellow, the brighter the color, the better the bee-like.

bên trong tổ ong

There are exceptions, however, but for the most part this view is correct.

The bag contains yellow-brown chalk, the bag contains red-brown bile, the young eggs are yellow-brown, arranged in a new cluster is a good breed, easy to adapt, easy to raise.

Even the bee inside the hive must be yellow, red, reddish brown or white to be a good breed, black is mostly a mixed breed, poor, difficult to raise and the resulting product is not appreciated.

4. The honeycomb is intact and healthy. That is, the egg must be regular with no traces of a knife or dented or crushed by human hands holding mushrooms.

The secret part should be similar.

If the egg has traces of being cut by a knife, it means that the hive has just been divided for less than 1 month.

If the egg part shows signs of dents, stamping. This proves that these beehives are beehives that have just been caught in the forest, and have been in the tank for less than 1 month.

trứng ong dú
The image of the egg is dented and unnatural because it has been recently held by a human hand.

These hives are not really stable, after buying this hive, there may be 2 cases after a while as follows:

  • Naturally, the queen bee died, although at the time of purchase, it was clear that there was a queen bee => The whole bee colony died in just a few months.
  • The queen bee lays poorly, the bee colony develops poorly and leads to the gradual withering or failure to grow forever, although the queen still lays normally.

5. New eggs must be laid. The more new eggs, the better the hive.

tìm hiểu cách nuôi ong dú
Image of newly laid eggs, showing that the hive is growing quite strongly

6. Give the hive a price it's worth. Quality honeycomb on the market is not cheap.

Because in order to raise a hive that can be sold, it takes a lot of time and technique.

But not just going to the forest to carry the beehive and then going to the crate for a few days to be able to sell it.

So you should pay the beekeeper a fair price for it.

Our more than ten years of shopping experience can only be summed up in 8 words of a sentence, that is.

"LESS MONEY CAN'T Breathe Fragrance".

Above are 06 must-know tips for those who are new and don't know, but want to buy a swarm of bees to raise.

To limit the situation of buying fake goods, poor quality goods and your kindness being taken advantage of.

ADDRESS FOR SELLING BENE COMPLEX, instructing TECHNIQUES OF BEING RESISTANCE and transferring prestigious models

If you have a need to buy a beehive to feed, entertain, decorate the garden or pollinate plants, you can contact Ong Du JiChi (https://hocnuoiongdu.com/)

Surely you will own the best honeycomb nests for its value.

Who is JiChi bee? And what have you contributed to Vietnam's bee industry?

In the beekeeping profession, there are many talented men and seniors, but when it comes to Vietnam's Stingless bee segment, the name JiChi deserves to be mentioned first.

1. Stir up movement, arouse passion

JiChi wasp was one of the first few people to start and stir up the beekeeping movement across Vietnam.

In Vietnam, in 2020, for the first time, the bee species was introduced in the Vietnam beekeeping conference, with the interest and warm welcome of more than 400 spectators.

There are many "masters" of the bee profession, along with presidents and directors of research centers, etc.

hội thảo nuôi ong

hội thảo nuôi ong

hội thảo nuôi ong

In parallel, JiChi bee farm has received a lot of attention from the government and research centers with supports such as:

Help identify the species of wasp at the farm, share knowledge, exchange training, interview media, press, television, etc.

Watch the video Director of the Tropical Bee Research Center Assoc. Dr. Pham Hong Thai visited a beekeeping facility of JiChi bee farm and partners.


Share knowledge and techniques openly, transparently and scientifically

JiChi has researched, standardized, and widely published, technical details of the beekeeping crates in accordance with the technical and biological characteristics of the Vietnamese bee species.

In order to help bees develop better and fastest compared to traditional barrel models, there are many disadvantages.

This model of barrel, called the "designated modern beekeeping crate", has been used by beekeepers and beekeepers across the country and has shown remarkable results.

True proof of these things is that this barrel model has become a popular and popular model throughout Vietnam until now.

tìm hiểu thùng nuôi ong dú

Based on the principles of this model of beekeeping crate, so far, many stylized and variations have been born, in order to meet the diverse goals and needs of users.

Spread and stand shoulder to shoulder with your countries

Ong dú JiChi is the first Vietnamese representative to participate in the Southeast Asian bee conference.

As a speaker in the sharing and exchange session, to introduce Vietnam's beekeeping model and beekeeping techniques to international friends.

tìm hiểu về loài ong dú
Photo proof for this participation

Share techniques openly, scientifically, clearly

Ong Du JiChi is the first person in Vietnam to teach beekeeping techniques with systematic knowledge, methodical processes, scientific methods, etc.

To prove this, you can check out the articles about this stingless bee here.

And see technical instructions for beekeeping at Ong Du JiChi's Youtube channel.

After learning about the JiChi bee, the prestige, the level of understanding about the bee, fame, and how to work .vv

Believe me, you have your own satisfactory answer without us having to CONCLUSION here.

tìm hiểu cách nuôi ong dú

Through the above sharing, you have added a new and unique option for your pet list.

You also know the benefits, and limitations of keeping this species of wasp in the house, right?

If you have trouble not knowing pet transportation in any way, please contact us immediately Mr.Son (Call: 0913 52 44 50) to get support services.

We hope that this sharing will be useful for you in choosing the most loyal and easy-to-raise pet that meets your strict requirements.

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