If you are raising a British long-haired cat, you certainly will not be interested in choosing British long-haired cat food. Let's find out right through the article below.

Diet for British Longhair Cats

The British Longhair cat is an easy-to-care, not picky eater. With a friendly, approachable personality and lovely appearance, this cat breed is always loved by many owners. Therefore, the diet for long-haired British cats is also an issue that many people care about.

British Longhair cats are not picky eaters and are easy to raise, so they are very prone to overweight and obesity. To overcome this, owners need to spend time taking them out or taking them for a walk. Besides, you also need to balance a reasonable diet for them to avoid obesity.


Ald cats can eat homemade or canned food. In particular, they love to eat pate, so you can mix it with other foods for them. If you don't have time to make your own cat pate, you can choose a convenient pre-made pate. In addition, you also need to add chopped vegetables to them to supplement vitamins.

Ald cats will be fully supplemented with nutrients from foods such as meat, vegetables, rice, fish ... And depending on the age of the cat, you should feed them with a reasonable and sufficient amount of food. Do not overfeed to avoid affecting the cat's digestive system.

Some notes when choosing food for British longhair cats


When choosing British Longhair cat food, you should pay attention to the following issues:

  • The diet of ald cats must be rich in protein, such as protein from chicken, beef, duck, and fish. Especially meat is the favorite food of ald cats.
  • Ald cats do not like to eat pork and the large fat content of pork can adversely affect their digestive system.
  • It is recommended that ald cats eat rice daily to supplement starch to help them have more energy and be healthy. But their starch requirements are very low due to poor absorption. Therefore, you need to balance the amount of starch in your cat's meal. Do not feed too much starch to prevent ald cats from diabetes, obesity or other cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is necessary to focus on adding green vegetables and fruits in the daily diet of ald cats to provide essential vitamins and minerals for the body. The vitamins and minerals found in vegetables eaten daily will help increase resistance, support the immune system, and help prevent diseases effectively.
  • Ald cats also love to eat cheese. You can feed them 2 pieces of cheese/meal, which is enough for daily nutrition.
  • When choosing food for British long-haired cats, you should not buy foods such as raw eggs, chocolate, raw potatoes, garlic, onions, milk and dairy products, salmon or dog food ... to avoid causing danger to the cat, possibly even death.

Instructions for taking care of British longhaired cats properly


The British Longhair cat has a very long and abundant coat, so you need to pay attention to brushing and cleaning them every day. In addition, you also need to clean the ears, eyes, nose and genitals for them to limit common diseases in these areas.

According to many studies, there are about 5% British longhaired cats at risk of genetic diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, polycystic kidney. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about the origin of the cat before buying. Because in Vietnam, there is currently no definitive cure for these diseases.

Find out Food for British Longhair and Cats How to raise a cat is extremely important if you intend to adopt an ald cat. A scientific diet with good care and no genetic diseases will help beautiful al d cats live up to 12 years.

In short, because this cat breed is not picky, choosing food for British longhair cats is not difficult at all. You can immediately contact for advice if you have any questions.

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