Samples Poodle dog clothes Very hot below will help to make your pet more beautiful and lovely. Together find out now.

The hottest Poodle dog clothes today

1. Poodle dog clothes pattern

Sample Poodle dog clothes Figure With the trendy, eye-catching design below, it is very suitable to wear your baby Poodle when going out, walking or going to a party. Your baby Poodle will become more prominent when appearing in a crowded place.

The Poodle's ice-shaped shirt is designed in a wide, comfortable form, allowing the pet to freely run without feeling constricted and uncomfortable. The product is made of thick woolen material, soft, good moisture absorption and very easy to wash, quick to dry, so it is very suitable for Poodles in hot and humid climates like Vietnam.

Ice t-shirts are currently on sale at eb heᴄ with special period price: Only from 130,000 – 145,000 VND / shirt (Saleѕ 4% below market price).

  • Color options: Green, Gray, Blue.
  • Table ѕiᴢe: S: Back 25ᴄm M: Back 30ᴄmL: Back 35ᴄmXL: Back 40ᴄmXXL: Back 45ᴄm

2. Winter clothes for poodles (4 feet)

Winter clothes for Poodle dogs are designed in the form of overalls, combined with cute hats for Poodle babies who are always pretty, lovely and help fight the cold in winter. The product is made from soft, smooth cotton material, does not wrinkle, absorbs moisture well, is easy to wash and dries quickly.

This suit is designed with 2 layers of thick and thick, keeping warm well, you can let your baby Poodle wear it to play, go for a walk in the winter without worrying about the dog getting cold.

  • Price: Approx 145,000 – 155,000 VND / set, from each ѕiᴢe.
  • Table of Size: Size XS: thrift: 30ᴄm, body length: 20ᴄm, girth 21ᴄm, weight: 1 - 1.5kgSize S: 36ᴄm - 25ᴄm - 24ᴄm, weight: 1.5 - 2.5kgSize M: 38ᴄm - 28ᴄm - 24 , weight: 2.5 - 3.5kgSize L: 40ᴄm - 30ᴄm - 27ᴄm, Weight: 3.5 - 4.5kgSize XL: 50ᴄm - 40ᴄm - 33ᴄm, Weight: 4.5 - 7kgSize XXL: 55ᴄm - 45ᴄm - 36ᴄm, Weight: 7-10kg

Note: Usually, choosing clothes according to size will be more correct than the same weight that Poodle has, this baby has, and that baby has another size.

3. Spring-summer clothes for poodles

Spring and summer clothes for Poodle dogs are designed in the form of a 3-hole shirt with a fashionable plaid pattern. The product is made of 100% from cotton brooder material, breathable, cool, good moisture absorption, fast perspiration, is the first choice for Poodle babies to show off in the spring and summer.

In particular, the product has a wide form with small breathable holes, helping Poodle baby cool down well and feel cool and comfortable in the hot summer.

quần áo cho chó Poodle5

4. Fall clothes for poodles

The autumn clothing collection for Poodle dogs has a delicate design using materials that are not too thick and not too thin, helping your Poodle baby to feel warmer when walking on the street in the early days of the season. The product is decorated with funny and cute patterns for your Poodle to become more prominent.

quần áo cho chó Poodle4

5. Pattern of bow tie + leash for poodle

The bow-tie ponytail is designed quite like a Gile shirt, so it is very compact and easy to wear, no need to go undressed like a normal suit.

Its back belt can be easily adjusted, bringing comfort to the Poodle baby when wearing. The biggest advantage of this shirt is the design of a leash at the back, creating convenience for you when taking your pet out for a walk.

quần áo cho chó Poodle3

Some accessories included with clothes for poodles

1. Wrap towel

To increase the cute, happy birth for your baby Poodle, you can mix and match a number of baby scarf patterns that match the clothes they are wearing. The polka dot scarves with vibrant colors below will help Poodle become cool and stand out in the crowd. This product is very suitable for babies who want to show strength.

quần áo cho chó Poodle2

2. Princess lace scarf

The princess lace scarf pattern below is extremely suitable for elegant, weak and fragile female Poodles. The product helps to enhance the beauty to help Poodle baby become more handsome and lovely.

quần áo cho chó Poodle1

3. Pair of bows

The pair of bows is a cute accessory for curly-haired breeds like the Poodle. The product has the same design as ours, can clip the fur or clip the pet's clothes.

quần áo cho chó Poodle

Above are the hottest Poodle dog clothes today. Hopefully through this article, you will have the most suitable options for your Poodle baby.

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