CHARACTERISTICS LIKE A Brother's Cat with Long-Haired Eyes

Uncles British longhair cat with 2 color eyes Possessing 2-color eyes have been attracting the love of many people thanks to their unique and luxurious beauty. So do you know why they have two-colored eyes? What are the characteristics of this cat breed? Together VANCHUYENCHOMEO.COM Find a solution to this problem through the article below.

Similar characteristics British longhair cat with 2 colors eyes 

Cat Long-haired brother with 2 colors actually not a specific breed of cat, but just a common name for ald cats with two different colored eyes.

This is an inherited eye disease of some ald cats and the reason why they have 2 such special eye colors is due to a disorder of iris pigmentation. Accordingly, the different amount of melanin pigment in the eyes makes them have two different eye colors.

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Most ald cats with 2-color eyes are usually bronze, the other side will be blue. But many cases also create the phenomenon of 1 eye with 2 colors in hybrids because ald cats were bred with cats with different eye colors. This phenomenon usually occurs in cats with white coat, or any coat color that has the white spot gene.

The characteristic of the two-eyed ald cat is 4-6kg in weight, male cats can weigh up to 8kg, and 25-38cm in length when mature. Long coat, neat body. The head is quite large compared to other cats, big eyes, 2 colors, big cheeks, chubby and stout. The sides of the rafters are more than usual, the skeleton is quite large.

The highlight of these two-eyed ald cats is the long tail with ruffled fur that looks very noble. The usual coat color is white.

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Instructions on how to properly care for British cats with long hair and 2-color eyes

1. Scientific nutrition for British longhair cat with 2 color eyes

Like other cat breeds, 2-colored ald children also love to eat pate, seeds, fish, beef, chicken... To provide them with all the nutrients they need, you can make handmade pate by yourself. . If you don't have time, you can buy the right cat food.

Note that when raising long-haired Ald cats, you should not give them fatty meat because it is easy for them to have diarrhea and abdominal pain. You can mix pate, fish, meat and rice for them to eat to save money and help them eat more.

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2. Common diseases in British cats with long hair and 2 color eyes

One of the common diseases in this breed is obesity. Because they do not eat too much, but they are very inactive, making the risk of being overweight in 2-color-eyed ald cats quite high.

Obese bicolor-eyed ald cats can put them at risk of many other dangerous diseases. Therefore, you should spend time every day to play with your children or take them for a walk around to digest all the excess fat.

In addition, the incidence of genetic diseases in bicolor-eyed ald cats is 3-5%, including diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, polycystic kidney disease. Meanwhile, at present, Vietnam still does not have any veterinary facilities to completely treat these diseases. Therefore, before adopting, choose your cat carefully.

To prevent your cat from inheriting a disease, you need to thoroughly check their pedigree to make sure that their parents and grandparents are not sick. If so, the chances of kittens getting sick will be lower.

In particular, you need to apply to the children a scientific diet and exercise, do not give them too much to avoid obesity and prolong life.

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3. Hair care and hygiene for British cats with long hair and eyes with 2 colors

Caring for the hair of two-color-eyed ald cats is quite difficult. Because they have long and thick coats, daily grooming is required to remove hair loss and avoid tangles.

In addition, their long white coat is often very dirty quickly, you need to regularly wash them with specialized cat shampoo to limit hair loss and keep the babies clean and fragrant. .

Because two-color-eyed ald cats are very afraid of water, you need to teach them to bathe from an early age, not to splash water on their faces to make them panic.

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