Poodle is a beautiful, aristocratic, lovely and intelligent pet dog that is loved by many people. Therefore, buying Poodle dog toys is also receiving a lot of attention. In this article, Vanchuyenchomeo.com I will share with you the indispensable accessories and toys for Poodle babies!

Introducing the Poodle breed of dogs

The Poodle, also known as the duck hound, is a hunting dog used to hunt waterfowl. This is a dThe dog is famous for its cute, cute and intelligent appearance. Poodle is also one of the easy-to-bred, cheap pet dog breeds that many people choose.

Poodle dogs have an average lifespan of 12-15 years, and have many different coat colors, the common ones are white, cream, gray, chocolate brown...

Why should you buy Poodle accessories and toys?

Whether raising any pet, we also need to prepare necessary accessories such as cages, food bowls, toilet trays, shower gel, toys for them, .... and the same is true when raising Poodle dogs. These accessories and toys will help ensure living and entertaining conditions for your pet. Therefore, the purchase of Poodle dog accessories and toys is extremely important, helping Poodle babies to develop in the most comprehensive way.

Basic supplies for Poodle dogs

  • House, barn
  • Food containers
  • Toiletries and showers
  • Toilet tray
  • Medical supplies
  • Clothes
  • Chains, bib belts
  • Necklace, name tag

Toys for dogs Poodle

Toys are also an indispensable thing for Poodle. Because this breed has a mischievous, intelligent and agile nature, they always want to run and play with toys. When you have toys, you won't have to worry much when your baby is alone at home or when you don't have much time to take him out to play.

In particular, playing with toys also helps to limit Poodles from biting furniture in the house when they bark loudly or itch their teeth, ..

Necessary toys: gnawing bones, flying saucers, ropes, plastic balls, chicken toys… Puppies are like children, they are very interested in toys and when they have toys, they will have no free time to play. destroy furniture in the house.

At the same time, toys for dogs are also a method to help them exercise their health such as: strengthen teeth, quick reflexes, more flexible bones and joints, reduce stress and stress in Poodle dogs when they have to be alone for too long. and help train your dog effectively.

Criteria for choosing toys for Poodle dogs

1. Safe material

When choosing Poodle dog toys, first you need to pay attention to whether the material is safe, friendly to puppy health or not. You should look for reputable, reliable brands, or imported brands with high prices but guaranteed safety. Do not choose toys that are too cheap with unclear ingredients and origins.

2. The right material

The second criterion is about the friendliness of the material. You should not choose materials that are too hard or difficult to chew, easy to crack because it will not be safe for the oral health of Poodle babies, especially puppies. Puppies often do not have control over their bite force, so when playing with toys that are too hard, they will easily chip their teeth or scratch their gums. If the toy is too soft, it will quickly be damaged and broken, causing the dog to swallow it by mistake.

3. Size

When choosing Poodle dog toys You also need to pay attention to its size, especially with puppies under 1 year old. Choose toys that are the same size as the Poodle's jaws and as large as the width of their palate, to prevent them from swallowing the toy.

In addition, you may also be interested in some other criteria such as sounds and smells to stimulate the activities of Poodle babies. Actively observe the interests of your baby Poodle to choose their favorite toys, helping to stimulate their dynamism.

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