You really like a dog (or cat) but because the seller's address is too far away, you can't come to pick him up? Do you have a cat and dog farm and want to sell pets to the province but have not found a reputable pet transport unit? Don't worry too much, because Mr. Son has offered a very useful service that is pet transportation service, dog transport mèo của Mr.Sơn.

Mr.Sơn chuyên vận chuyển chó mèo, chim, gà, các loại thú cưng bằng đường sắt Bắc Nam, tàu nhanh 30 tiếng, có bảo hiểm, chăm sóc, ăn uống dọc đường.

With a strict process, ensuring high safety, you can rest assured when your "BOSS" is sent by us.

What is the pet transportation service, what is the cat and dog transport service?

Dịch vụ vận chuyển thú cưng, vận chuyển chó mèo toàn quốc
Pet transportation service, nationwide transport of dogs and cats Mr Son

Mr Son's pet and cat transport service is a method of sending "special goods" in the group of domestic express services exclusively for individuals or organizations selling pet animals.

When using our service, your "BOSS" will not have to lie in the hot car, lack of air and full of the smell of gasoline like normal ways of transportation, but will be sitting on the train with a ticket. The fastest train, with cool air conditioning. You can rest assured because Mr. Son's service is extremely reputable, cheap, thoughtful, has a warranty, has a transportation contract and has a transport cage for customers to rent if needed.

Mr. Son receives and transports dogs, cats, birds or other ornamental animals nationwide, picks up and returns "BOSS" at main stations along the North - South line: Hanoi - Nam Dinh - Thanh Hoa - Vinh - Dong Hoi - Hue - Da Nang - Dieu Tri - Nha Trang - Phan Thiet (Muong Man station) - Saigon.

To use the service, you need to contact MR.SON: 0913.52.44.50 to schedule and ensure the most suitable delivery time. Pet transportation time will vary depending on the ship's itinerary to ensure the health of the pet.

Regarding the freight, depending on the type of pet, weight, value of the pet and according to the distance of transportation, the price will be different. Before receiving shipping, we will check the health of pets to ensure safety.

Please DIRECT CONTACT with MR.SON: 0913.52.44.50 To get a shipping quote, do not text, need a description:

+ What animals are transported?

+ How many KG?

+ Place of departure and arrival?

+ Prepare the cage yourself or rent a cage?

Some necessary notes when using the service of transporting dogs, cats and pets

Mr Son rents dog and cat cages

For each pet, the dispatch process will be different. To ensure the most secure transportation, you must know the following information:

1. Dog and cat health

Pets or pets need to be in good health, not sick, fully vaccinated, and not accept pregnant animals before transporting.

2. Transport cage

When sending dogs and cats by train, it is not possible to lead them on a leash to the platform, nor to keep pets on the train on a leash. So you need to prepare the cage.

The transport cage needs to be suitable for the size of the pet so that they can easily move in the cage (standing, sitting, lying, turning, ...)

- The cage material is durable, the cage door must be firmly locked, there are no sharp edges that can cause injuries to pets or passengers when swiped.

- The bottom of the cage is made of hard, waterproof material

– You can register to rent a transport cage from Mr Son if you have not prepared the cage.

If you prepare the cage yourself, you need to note:

– Cover the cage with newspaper, let the pet be quiet, avoid panic, avoid people asking questions, or disturbing.

– Inside the cage, it is necessary to tie a plastic cup or a dedicated drinking cup, the better it is for the carrier to bring water and food.

– Newspaper should be lined on the floor of the cage to absorb moisture

Why should you use Mr Son's dog and cat transport service?

1. More convenient than transporting by car or plane

Compared to transporting dogs, cats and pets by car or plane, Mr. Son's high-speed train transport service for dogs and cats has many more advantages:

Compared to cars: High-speed train transportation is better than cars because pets are placed on the train, you will not have to worry about pets being left in the hot trunk, suffocation and the smell of gasoline.

Compared to airplanes: Transporting pets by high-speed train is better than transporting pets by plane in the following points:

+ No need to worry about pressure and temperature: Pets will be subject to pressure and temperature changes while in the aircraft cabin

+ Much cheaper price: Transportation by high-speed train is only 25% cheaper than by plane, not to mention when transporting by air, the use of specialized cages increases the price.

+ Faster procedure: Rail transport procedures are much faster, but when transporting by plane, you will have to spend a lot of time waiting at the airport for check-in and check-out procedures. Not to mention the need to have enough quarantine documents…. time consuming for both sender and receiver.

In addition, whether transporting pets by car or plane, you will put your pet in the trunk of the car or warehouse, so that during the transportation, there will be no one to take care of, feed and drink in time. If transporting by Train, there will always be staff to keep an eye on your pet.

Transport by train always has a guaranteed time, rarely has delays like air transportation or encounters objective factors such as bad roads, traffic jams, enough new trips... like in passenger cars.

2. Prestige and quality warranty and insurance regime

Transporting pets is different from transporting goods, in that pets are live animals, subject to illness, illness, and death. If you ship by Air, you will not be compensated when the pet dies. This is in the regulations of any airline.

When transporting by Mr. Son's train, you will be compensated if there is a risk according to the contract of carriage, Mr. Son will try to take care of the pet as best as possible during the move. However, it will also be difficult to avoid during long-distance transportation, many unexpected situations, tired, sick pets, possible risks, and you have to be ready for that.

3. Accept money transfer by buying on behalf

If you buy goods online but do not guarantee the seller's trust, Mr. Son can help you ensure this:

+ Receive goods correctly, type, color, not sick: Customers buying and selling online can send photos of their pets to Mr Son via Zalo message so that when receiving the goods, Mr Son can check again for accuracy.

+ Get it right and then pay the seller: Customers send money to Mr. Son via bank account (or directly), so that when receiving the correct pet as shown in the photo, the money will be delivered to the seller.


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