In addition to water-based shower gel, dry bath products for cats are also attracting a lot of attention. Are you still wondering if you should use it? dry bath oil for cats not for fear of not being clean and safe? Let's find out now.

Dry bath oil for cats what? Should I use it? are not?

Dry bath oil for cats are dry bath oils for pets that do not require the use of water. You just need to spray the bath oil on your pet's hair and gently massage it to remove dirt on their body. After bathing, you just need to use a specialized comb and dry with a towel. Very convenient and fast, don't have to worry about being scratched by a cat when taking a bath, right?

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Outstanding advantages of the product line dry bath oil for cats their convenience. You can bathe and clean your cat without having to use water. It is useful in the following cases:

  • In cold winter, it is impossible to bathe cats with wet shower gel, so water must be used.
  • Cats who are sick and sick cannot bathe with water but their bodies are too dirty.
  • The mother cat has just given birth.
  • Pregnant female cat.
  • Young cats cannot bathe with water.

Which type of dry bath oil for cats is good?

There are many brands on the market today dry bath oil for cats. Here are some suggestions for you.

1. Joyce & Dolls Waterless Cleansing Foam

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Joyce & Dolls Waterless Cleansing Foam is China's top famous shower gel brand. This product line both cleans and helps protect your cat's skin and coat. This product has the advantage that it does not contain harmful chemicals, eye irritants, and skin irritations, so it can be used even for cats with sensitive skin.

The product has a reference price of about 180,000 VND/bottle.

2. Yu

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This product has the main ingredients of natural flowers, which effectively kill bacteria and parasites on the cat's body without water. It helps to clean the hairy skin; remove odors; Protect the skin; Caring for cats' fur is always smooth…

This product originates from Taiwan and has a reference price of about 180,000 VND/75ml bottle.

3. Fay Puppy

dầu tắm khô cho mèo

This is a shower gel brand of Hoang Anh Cosmetics (Vietnam). This product has good quality and low price, so it is chosen by many people. Use dry bath oil for cats Fay Puppy has the effect of cleaning the skin of cats; effective deodorization; care for the cat's coat to always be shiny; prevent hair loss; remove parasites.

This product has a reference price of about 34,000 VND / 120g bottle.

In addition to the 3 brands above, you can also refer to some other reputable brands such as: Sleeky, Bobo, Innopet, Coka Dog, Magic ... These are the brands of shower gel for cats that are trusted by many pet owners. for its high quality and safety.

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