Miniature Phoc squirrel dog is a pet dog with a beautiful and small appearance, so it is loved by many people. In order to buy a beautiful, affordable mini-squirrel, you need to find out where to buy cheap, reputable and quality mini-squirrel dogs. Vanchuyenchomeo.com will be the top prestigious address for you.

Criteria for choosing a healthy mini Pomeranian

Here are the criteria to help you choose a healthy mini Pomeranian:

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  • Check ears, nose, eyes: These are 3 parts of the mini Pomeranian dog's body that reflect their health status. If the baby has symptoms such as watery ears, dry nose, and rusty eyes, this is a sick dog. You should not buy even if they have a good appearance.

  • Checking teeth: Miniature Pomeranian has standard teeth that must reach 42 pieces, the teeth are even and close together. Test them by flipping their lips over with your hand. If the mini squirrel has bright white teeth and strong, then this is a dog with good health.

  • Foot test: Should choose a mini Phoc squirrel with small and short legs. Do not choose children with bent, misaligned and lowered legs because they are likely to be calcium deficient or disabled. In addition, you also need to pay attention to their gait. If the baby Phoc squirrel has flexible, decisive and agile steps, it should be bought. On the contrary, if they have slow, limp feet, they should be ignored immediately.

  • Check the coat: A standard mini Phoc squirrel must have a smooth, thick coat and not be mixed with many colors. Do not choose to buy mini squirrels with thin, falling or dry hair because they may be experiencing some health problems.

Some things you need to keep in mind when buying a mini Pomeranian 

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1. Don't want to buy cheap mini Phoc squirrels

If you want to own a quality, purebred mini Phoc, you should not buy cheap mini Phoc squirrels. Nowadays, there are many ads on the internet selling Phoc squirrel dog cheap mini spread on the internet. However, not all cheap mini Phoc squirrel dogs are trustworthy.

So where can I buy a mini squirrel for a cheap price but still have good quality? You can take advantage of the sale at reputable pet shops when these shops open a sale to thank customers. If you can buy cheap mini squirrels here, you can save some money while still ensuring quality. But the reduced price only ranges from 1 to 2 million VND/child. Because the price for purebred mini Phoc squirrels will not be less than 5 million. As for dogs sold for less than 5 million, they can certainly have health problems. You should not be greedy to buy cheap.

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2. Find out about the price of a mini Pomeranian before buying

Currently, the price of purebred Miniature Phoc squirrel is always much higher than that of other pet breeds. If you want to have a quality, purebred mini Phoc, you have to spend at least 9-12 million VND. On the Vietnamese market, there are currently 3 main sources of mini-squirrel dogs: Europe, Thailand and the country. Specifically

  • Price over 100 million: Mini Pomeranian imported from Europe with teacup size.
  • Price from 40 to 60 million: Miniature Phoc squirrel is imported from Europe
  • Price from 15 - 20 million: Miniature Phoc squirrel breed is imported from reputable dog farms in Thailand
  • Price from 11 to 15 million: The mini Phoc squirrel breed is bred in the country but has a certificate of the Vietnam Dog Breed Association. Or the price of the Teacup Pomeranian dog.
  • Price from 9 to 11 million: Selling price of purebred Phoc mini dog, bred in the country but without papers, genealogy. The price of this type also depends on many factors such as: gender, age, coat color.

Where to buy reputable, cheap, quality mini poodles?

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Are you looking for a reputable place to buy? mini squirrel dog, but I wonder because I don't know Where to buy reputable, quality, cheap mini poodles?

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The price of the mini squirrel dog above is reference price when buying purebred mini poodles. The price may increase or decrease depending on the time of purchase and the origin of each breed of dog. For the most specific advice, please call Hotline: 0913.52.44.50 or visit https://vanchuyenchomeo.com/ for advice and answers.


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