How much does the MINI Squirrel Puppies cost?

Babies Mini squirrel With a super cute petite appearance, it always has a great attraction to the pet-loving community. So How much does a mini squirrel dog cost? Let's find out right through the article below.

Introducing the mini squirrel dog line

Miniature Pomeranian is a breed of pet dog that originated in Europe, specifically in Germany and Poland. Their name is derived from the place name Pomerania (in Northwestern Poland & Northeastern Germany).

Miniature poodles are small in size, with an average height of 15-25cm and weighing from 1.3 to 4kg. Mini squirrel puppies have a fairly well-proportioned body. The ears are large, erect and slightly tilted to the sides. Their faces are somewhat similar to foxes with agile faces.

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Mini squirrel coat has two layers, the inner coat is soft and warm, the outer coat is longer and covers the inner layer. The hair on the chest, long neck * is thicker creating a beautiful mane.

The coat color of mini squirrels is also very diverse, of which the common colors are: red, orange, black, blue, white, brown, black, etc., and they can be mixed together.

How much does a mini squirrel dog cost?

1. How much does a purebred mini squirrel dog cost?

Purebred mini Phoc squirrels, depending on each line, will have different selling prices, specifically:

  • The selling price of the locally bred mini Phoc Soc is about 6-15 million VND/one.
  • Selling price of mini Phoc Soc dogs imported from Thailand is 15-20 million VND / 1 dog.
  • Selling price of mini Phoc Soc dogs imported from Europe 2000 - 3000$ (about 40 - 60 million VND / 1 dog).

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2. How much does a hybrid mini-squirrel dog cost?

  • The selling price of the mini-Japanese hybrid Phoc Soc dog is about 2 - 3 million VND / 1 dog.
  • The price of the Pekingese mini-Poc Soc dog is about 2 - 2.5 million VND / 1 dog.
  • The price of the mini-Poodle hybrid Phoc Soc dog is about 2 - 4 million VND / 1 dog.
  • The price of the Yorkshire Terrier hybrid mini Phoc Soc dog is about 1 - 1.5 million VND / 1 dog.
  • The selling price of the Pug mini-breeded Phoc Soc is about 1.5-2 million VND / 1 dog.
  • The price of the Chihuahua mini-Poc Soc dog is about 1 - 2 million VND / 1 dog.
  • The price of the Husky hybrid mini Phoc Soc dog is about 2 million VND / 1 dog

Normally, the price of this breed will not be less than 1 million VND. If you see the spread of information on social networking sites such as Facebook, Tiktok for sale mini Phoc Soc dogs with cheap price of 250k - 500k, you should be careful because these are often fraudulent information to capture views or deceive. money by asking customers to transfer money first.

Therefore, before you buy, please research carefully How much does a mini squirrel dog cost, characteristics? line of Phoc Soc dogs and choose reputable and quality stores. It is better to go directly to pet shops to buy instead of buying online.

Introducing some hybrid mini squirrel dog breeds

Currently, the mini Phoc squirrel has been crossed with many different dog breeds, creating hybrid mini squirrels with a super cute appearance no less than purebred mini squirrels. Let's find out now.

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1. Pekingese mini Pug Squirrel

The Pekingese Miniature Pug has a somewhat disruptive beauty because they do not fully inherit the pure white coat of the purebred line, but often add a little brown color to look very lovely. They have a small, cute appearance and beauty that is not inferior to any Phoc Squirrel because they still retain the long mouth that is considered the symbol of the Phoc Squirrel breed.

The Puc Soc children were born in Beijing when they were young, their ears were still standing up. But when they reach adulthood, their ears will drop down like a Pekingese. They have a flexible, energetic, alert personality and are very friendly with their owners.

2. Japanese-breeding Miniature Pug Squirrel

The Japanese Miniature Phoc squirrel has a short and smooth coat, a cute slim body with a variety of colors for you to choose according to your preferences. For example, white combined with black is extremely noble. This is a very loyal dog breed and is difficult to get along with strangers. Having a hyperactive and energetic nature, intelligent is not inferior to other Phoc Soc breeds.

3. Poodle hybrid mini-Squirrel Poodle

The Poodle (Pomeranian) mini-squirrel has a cute appearance with a coat color that brings the typical beauty of the Poodle breed. They have a lovely petite appearance, the mouth is shorter and not upturned like regular dogs.

The coat of the Poodle hybrid is not as smooth as the purebred mini squirrel, but it feels strange and smooth when touching them. When they lie still, they will look like a cute stuffed animal.

The personality of Pomeranians is similar to other hybrid mini-Poc Socs such as loyal, agile, vivacious, intelligent, etc.

4. Yorkshire Terrier hybrid mini Pomeranian

The Yorkshire Terrier (Yoarian dog) is a breed of dog that is bred by two lines of dogs with mini bodies, so they are very small in size, only about 15-20cm tall, and weigh about 1.5-3kg.

In terms of appearance, Yoarian babies have the perfect combination when possessing the unique features of both dog breeds: The coat color resembles the Yorkshire Terrier dog + the smooth long coat resembles the Phoc squirrel. Their ears have an upright triangular shape like a Yorkshire Terrier, but their face resembles a Phoc squirrel.

The Yoarian breed has a rather hyperactive personality and is easy to get along with everyone, even strangers. They are also very intelligent and loyal to their owners.

5. Mini Pug squirrel hybrid Pug

Mini Pug squirrel hybrid Pug Also known as Pom-A-Pug. This dog breedAdult i have a height of about 20-30cm, weight from 3-8kg. They are similar in appearance to grass dogs with long coats, long and curved tails. Although they are not very beautiful in appearance, they are extremely intelligent and agile.

In particular, this breed is very easy to train, after only a few times of practice, it can be remembered. This is a very worthy dog breed in the family, they will be loyal friends to you.

6. Chihuahua hybrid mini Pug Squirrel

The Chihuahua mini-squirrel hybrid has a lovely petite body, so it is very popular. They have a rather special appearance, inheriting the lovely characteristics of two lines: The small mouth is slightly long and upturned like the Phoc Soc dog. The eyes are big and bright like a Chihuahua dog. Has intelligent, energetic, hyperactive personalities of both lines.

7. Husky Mini-Squirrel Pug

Miniature Phoc Squirrel Husky will produce a dog with a small appearance and short legs like a Phoc Squirrel. The middle part of the head often has a streak of fur of a different color that creates a prominent highlight. They have large, round eyes similar to the Phoc Squirrel. The standard 2-layer thick coat of the dog belongs to the Spizt group (roll-tailed dog). The coat color of this hybrid dog is quite diverse depending on the coat color of the parents. Their tails are hairy and look like reeds and curl up on their backs. Ears are always erect.

In terms of personality, this hybrid dog still retains the mischievous and energetic nature of the Phoc Soc dog line and the fussiness is reduced and seems much better than the dog line. Husky.

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