DOES MINI Squirrel Puppies Lose Her Hair?

Do mini squirrel dogs shed hair?? This is what many people are interested in when they want to buy a dog with a fluffy coat like mini squirrel dog. In fact, tAll breeds of dogs or other furry animals have periods of shedding, the only difference being that they shed a little or a lot.

Miniature Pomeranian is one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world with a long, thick coat and a small, aristocratic beauty. Despite having a thick coat, this dog breed belongs to the line of dogs that shed little if their health is normal and well-groomed.

Miniature squirrels can lose a lot of hair if their bodies are infected, have skin diseases, improper diet and many other causes. Let's find out the reasons why dogs Mini squirrels lose hair and how to care for mini squirrels through the article below.

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What causes squirrel dogs to lose hair?

1. Mini squirrels are molting

Under normal conditions, do mini squirrels shed hair? The answer is yes, that is when they are in the molting stage. This is a normal physiological phenomenon in mini squirrel dogs. They will change a new coat that is thicker and more beautiful than the old coat and after the molt is usually the breeding period.

During the process of molting, you need to check their skin for no signs of redness, itching, and no ticks and fleas, which means they are still healthy and normal. Signs of excessive hair loss in them are just the phenomenon of moulting.

Miniature squirrels usually molt at the age of 6 - 8 months when they are preparing to mate. In the following years, as this period approaches, they will also molt. After the molting is complete, the mini squirrel will have a new, smoother, more beautiful coat and gain weight.

2. Mini squirrels lose their hair due to lack of substance

Miniature squirrels can lose hair due to lack of substance. If in their daily diet you do not pay attention to their diet, not enough nutrients, especially those that are good for the skin and hair such as zinc, biotin, vitamins A, B ... then the squirrel poo. mini may experience hair loss in patches, falling out in many areas.

When it is found that the mini squirrel has lost a lot of hair due to a lack of nutrients, the owner needs to change the daily diet and add nutrients to help your mini squirrel rebalance the nutrients. Nourishes and helps hair to grow back normally.

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3. Mini squirrels lose hair due to hormonal changes in the body

Mini squirrel dogs with hormone imbalance in the body due to pregnancy, breastfeeding may also lose hair or if their thyroid gland is underactive, Cushing's disease will also be affected. continuous hair loss.

If your mini squirrel is losing hair due to this reason, you need to take them to the veterinary facility for examination immediately.

4. Mini squirrels lose hair due to parasites, fungi, bacteria, ticks, fleas

When dogs are infected with dog ticks, fungi, and bacteria on their skin, they will bite the host and produce eggs on the body of the dog and cat, causing the dog to lose hair along with redness, inflammation on the skin, itchiness and health. weaken.

5. Mini squirrels lose hair due to allergies

Miniature squirrels can also experience hair loss due to allergies to shower gels, foods, smells, and smoke, causing them to shed patches. The best solution is to change the type of shower gel and food for them.

Treatment hair loss in mini squirrel dogs

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 1. Regular cleaning

Mini squirrels have thick and long fur, so you should bathe them on a regular basis to remove dead cells and hairs from their fur, making the coat smoother. With hot weather, you should give them a regular bath at least twice a week to clean the dog and make them more comfortable. In addition, you should also trim and groom them regularly.

In addition, you also need to clean the place of the mini squirrel dog. A cool, clean, and moisture-free place will create ideal living conditions for your squirrel, making them healthier and free from skin diseases.

2. Vaccination against disease

When raising mini squirrel dogs, we also need to regularly inject vaccines to prevent and strengthen the pet's resistance. When the Miniature Pomeranian dog is an adult, it is best to get vaccinated every 3 months to help strengthen the resistance and repel diseases, especially the diseases that cause hair loss in the Phoc squirrel.

When the mini squirrel dog has hair loss due to a disease, the owner needs to immediately find out the cause of the disease so that he can promptly treat and avoid the pet getting sicker.

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