The Mini Pomeranian (Pomeranian) is a small, lovely dog with a thick coat and cute appearance from Europe. Not only has a beautiful appearance, this breed is also very smart and Easy to teach and train, is a close and loyal friend to the owner. If you are planning to raise a mini squirrel but are worried about it Is mini squirrel dog easy to raise? Then you can refer to the article below of

Introducing the mini squirrel dog breed

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Mini squirrel dog (Dog Pom)is a small-sized pet dog with a cute appearance with a very aristocratic ruffled coat. However, they have a very loud and persistent barking, plus the ability to be highly alert. In particular, they are very protective of their owners and keep their property very well.

Mini squirrel dog has appearance They are very small, their size is sometimes only a toy of children every day. Their common height ranges from 18–30 cm, weight from 1–3 kg. They have a wedge-shaped head bone structure, which is very cute with a fox-like face or a doll-like face.

The aristocratic mini squirrels have a thick double coat with a long, straight and slightly stiff outer layer, while the inner coat is short, soft and thick, so they look petite, warm and soft. This breed also has many coat colors such as: red, orange, cream, white, blue, brown, black...

Are mini squirrels easy to raise?

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1. Mini squirrel dog food

Miniature squirrels are quite fastidious in eating, and they are quite picky compared to other large breeds like husky or golden. Therefore, when raising mini squirrel dogs, you need to be careful when monitoring their eating levels. Should enhance the dishes your baby loves and eat cooked food, raw food in a scientific way to avoid stomach diseases for them.

In addition, you need to feed your mini squirrel with dry food specifically for this breed and hard, crunchy milk bones to help your baby's teeth and gums be stronger.

2. Hair care for mini poodles

The Miniature Pomeranian has a long and soft outer coat and usually sheds 1-2 times a year. Therefore, you should not be negligent in bathing your dog and choosing the right shower gel, to avoid allergies that cause them to lose hair. And you also need to add more hair-stimulating foods for your mini squirrel dog.

3. Training for mini squirrel dogs

chó phốc sóc mini có dễ nuôi không

Miniature Pomeranian is a very alert and intelligent pet dog, so it is often trained in circus troupes. And if raised at home, you should practice good habits for them with clear rewards and punishments. That is, training them good habits by enticing with food, helping the dog to obey. And if they mess up, or go to the toilet indiscriminately in the house, then threaten and scold them so they know they're wrong and give up right away.

As we can see, the mini squirrel breed is not difficult to raise, just pay attention and care for the baby every day, you can adjust the appropriate changes in how to care for them, protect your little friend. long-term self. If you need more information about the care of this breed, please contact for advice.

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