If your dog has eye pain or has eye-related diseases that affect their cornea and vision, what should you do? What is the most effective medication for dogs with eye pain? Follow the article below to get the answer.

Common eye diseases in dogs and how to treat them

1. Dogs have tears in their eyes

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Dogs with constant watery eyes are caused by an infection or virus that causes their tear glands to secrete a lot of water. You need to clean the dog's eye area to limit the severe inflammation affecting the cornea.

Solution: Clean the dog's eyes with physiological saline NaCl 0.9% eye drops, then drop antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin, gentamycin to help limit the tearing condition. This disease will go away with medication for a week, but if it doesn't go away, you need to take your dog to the veterinary center to find out the exact cause.

2. Dog has pink eye

Dog pink eye is a condition in which the eye is swollen in the conjunctiva due to insects flying into the eye, chemicals or due to the dog's eye being bumped during play. If it is more severe, the dog's eye area may be swollen with pus, inflammation, and watery eyes.

Solution: To prevent the disease from getting worse, you should quickly area your dog's eyes. It is recommended to trim long eyelashes to minimize the risk of curling the dog's eyelashes. In severe cases, you need to take your dog to the vet for the best solution.

3. Dogs with glaucoma

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This is a common disease when dogs have blue eyes, blue and bulging pupils that significantly reduce vision, this is a painful condition that can lead to blindness. The main cause of glaucoma in dogs is infection, damaged optic nerve, tumor, congenital ...

Solution: To solve this disease, you need to take your pet to a reputable veterinarian for treatment right away.

4. Dogs with dry cornea

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This is a disease caused by the lack of tears in the dog's eyes, causing dryness. The reason is that the tear glands do not have enough lubricating water, if prolonged, it will cause ulcers, causing corneal scars in the eyes, eye infections, vision loss and blindness.

Solution: Clean your dog's eyes and apply eye drops with an artificial tear solution. This is a lubricant used to moisturize, prevent irritation, and quickly relieve dry eyes. You can also use cyclosporine ointment if your dog has immune-mediated dry eyes.

5. Dogs with eye tumors, protruding flesh

In this case, we will see that the dog's eyes appear some foreign bodies or protruding pieces of meat that can be seen at a glance. Dogs with this disease are mainly caused by inflammation of the lacrimal gland, inflammation of the eyelids that limits the dog's vision.

Solution: Need to take the dog to the vet to remove the foreign body from the eye.

What is the most effective medication for dogs with eye pain?

1. Budle'Budle . Eye Drops

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Eye drops Budle'Budle Ophthalmic ointment is an eye drop with olive oil essence, which helps to clean stains under the eyes and prevent infection, the production of bacteria that cause eye pain in dogs. This is a product used to protect pets' eyes from harmful agents, to keep their eyes bright, healthy, beautiful and safe, without irritating the skin.

  • How to use: Put 3-4 drops on the stains around the eyes, then use a clean towel or cotton to wipe them. Do not drip product directly into your pet's eyes.
  • Indications: You can use it daily to clean stains around the eyes caused by dog tears. Do not use in case of dog eye pain.
  • Storage: in a cool place, away from direct light.
  • Volume: 120ml bottle
  • Made in Korea

2. Bio Genta Drops Eye Drops

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Bio Genta drop eye drops are used to treat eye infections caused by red, watery, discharge, pus, or cloudy eyes in dogs.

  • Usage: 1-2 drops/eye/time. 4-5 times a day.
  • Note: It is recommended to wash the dog's gums and tears with cooled boiled water or physiological saline before instilling the medicine. Do not use the drug continuously for more than 10 days.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.
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