Fleas are a parasite that lives on the body dogs and cats and suck the blood of the host to survive. They not only parasitize pets, but also live in your home in hiding places such as carpets, sofas, pillows, etc., so they cause great harm to both pets and children's lives. people. So how to treat fleas for cats how safe and effective?

Safe and effective way to treat fleas in the home

Fleas have no wings, but they can jump quite far and are difficult to catch. They can move around your house thanks to the bounce of their feet, so if not eliminated immediately they will multiply endlessly. To get rid of fleas in your home, you can follow these methods:

1. Use a flea repellent

This is the most effective flea treatment available today. Flea sprays can kill fleas both on pets and in the home. You just need to buy the medicine, put the flea spray solution into the spray bottle. Then spray directly on the body of the dog or cat or spray on the areas where you suspect fleas appear. The chemicals in the flea spray will inhibit the fleas' nerves, making them uncomfortable and will die shortly after being inhaled.

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2. How to treat fleas with salt

Salt is hygroscopic and dries things out, so when salt crystals get on the fleas, it rubs, hurts, and causes the fleas to bleed to death as they move.

To kill fleas with salt, simply crush the salt and sprinkle it in areas where there are fleas. Fine salt particles will adhere to the flea's body until they die. After 7-10 days, you should vacuum thoroughly the area to be sprinkled with salt, both the salt and the fleas will be completely vacuumed. Repeat 1-2 times to get rid of fleas completely.

3. How to treat fleas with lemon juice

Lemon has a high acid content, so when fleas come into contact with lemon juice, the acid in the lemon will heat up the flea's body, ulcerate and kill them.

To make, you just need to cut a lemon into thin slices with about 500ml of water. Bring the water to a boil, then let it cool overnight for the lemon juice to mix. Pour this lemon juice mixture into a spray bottle and spray on suspected flea hiding places.

How to treat fleas Safe and effective on dogs and cats 100%

Fleas often live parasites on the body of dogs and cats, so keep them. They suck blood, make pets uncomfortable, weaken the immune system and transmit diseases, causing dogs and cats to vomit, anorexia. So when your dog or cat has fleas, you need to find a way to kill them immediately. The ways to treat flea foam for dogs and cats are often applied:

1. Use a specialized flea comb

Flea comb for dogs and cats has a thin comb tooth design that helps to smooth the coat and comb fleas and lice that are parasitic on the skin of dogs and cats. Regular brushing of dogs and cats with a specialized comb will both help your pet have a smooth coat and help remove fleas and other parasites on the skin. After brushing them out of the pet's body, you can destroy them manually, but care must be taken to ensure hygiene.

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2. Use flea medicine

There are many flea treatments for pets on the market today. In which there are 4 popular types are:

  • Spray form
  • Injection form
  • Small shape along the spine
  • Chewable tablets (oral)

Flea medicine for dogs works to kill parasites on the skin, pet hair and prevent dog ticks and fleas from attacking pets. If you have an indoor dog, it's best to learn about some of the most effective flea treatments for pets. These drugs affect the nervous system or digestive system of the fleas, making them unable to suck blood from the host and die. You can use sprays such as Hantox, Frontlife, Nexgard, Vime-frondog ... can effectively kill fleas for dogs.

3. Mix cat food with flea medicine

Fleas live by feeding on the blood of animals, so you can get rid of them by mixing a tablet-based fleaicide into your dog's food. This oral flea repellent attacks the flea's nervous system through the pet's bloodstream and tissues. Causes fleas' nerves to be paralyzed and die after a period of time feeding on pets' blood. This is one of the most effective flea treatments.

How to prevent fleas simple and effective at home

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To prevent fleas completely, in addition to applying the above flea treatments, you must also take measures to prevent the return of fleas to help protect your pet and protect the health of your family.

In the summer, you should bathe your pet regularly to prevent and kill fleas effectively. Dogs and cats that are bathed regularly, have clean and odor-free fur, will have a hard time getting fleas, or they will die after each bath.

When you bathe your dog or cat, the fleas often run to dry, high-altitude areas like the top of the head and ears. Therefore, you should bathe your dog and cat with a specialized shower gel from the top of the head first, then the back, abdomen and tail. Proper bathing will also help you kill more ticks and fleas.

Ticks and fleas often find dry, warm and lack of sunlight places to lay their eggs, especially dog and cat litter and other places where they often lie. So if your dog has ticks, fleas, don't let them lie on the sofa or other common areas.

In addition, you should clean the place regularly to prevent ticks and fleas from having an environment to reproduce and multiply and also convenient to clean the house to prevent fleas and parasites from spreading in the house without No need to use flea medicine.

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