Miniature Pomeranian is a small, fluffy dog with a cute appearance, so it is loved by many people. However, because it is an imported dog, not everyone knows how to raise and take care of them. The following article will help you know how to raise a mini squirrel dog most effectively.


Overview of mini squirrel dogs

Mini Pomeranian, also known as Pomeranian (Pom) is a small, cute-looking pet dog from Europe. They have a very eye-catching appearance with a very beautiful colorful ruffled coat. In addition, the squirrel has a very loud, but persistent, barking sound, plus the ability to be highly alert, so let them look after the house and keep the property very well.

In terms of appearance, mini squirrel dogs are very small with a height of about 18–30 cm, weight from 1–3 kg. With a wedge-shaped head bone structure, squirrels in general and mini squirrels in particular have very lovely faces when some have a fox-like face, others look like a doll.

The coat of the Pomeranian is very long and is a double coat with the outer layer long, straight and slightly stiff and the inner layer short, soft and thick, so they look very petite, warm and soft. Miniature poodles have many different coat colors such as: red, orange, cream, white, blue, brown, black...

Is it difficult to raise a mini squirrel dog?

How to raise a mini squirrel will not be difficult if you grasp the following pocket experiences:

1. How to raise a mini squirrel: Feeding experience

The Pomeranian is a rather fastidious dog breed, so you need to pay attention when monitoring your dog's eating level. Increase the foods they like to eat because each squirrel's taste is different.

Besides, you also need to apply cooked food and raw food in a scientific way to avoid stomach diseases for dogs. In particular, it is recommended to feed the squirrel with dry dog food and hard, brittle milk bones to help their teeth and gums become stronger.

2. How to raise a mini squirrel: Hair care experience

The fur of the squirrel is very beautiful. However, their outer coat is very long and soft, so it is easy to shed once or twice a year. Therefore, you do not neglect to bathe your dog regularly and choose appropriate bath products as well as hair growth stimulating foods for your dog.

3. How to raise a mini squirrel: Training experience

Miniature Pomeranian is a smart and agile dog, so it is easy to train. You should practice good habits for your dog with clear rewards and punishments. First, it is necessary to gradually practice good habits for dogs by using food to entice, so that they obey. When dogs are disruptive, or go to the toilet indiscriminately in the house, they should threaten and punish them so that they know they are wrong and do not repeat the offense.

So we can see that taking care of a mini squirrel is not difficult, you just need to pay attention and take care of your pet every day, you will make appropriate changes in the way of care and protection. his squirrel. You can also refer to the issues of raising puppies here.

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