Are you having a case where your cat is too lazy to just lie in a corner, the dog is destructively gnawing on furniture after furniture? What about the hamster running around in the cage? One of the main causes of this situation is that your pet does not have food toy suitable, so I had to lie down or destroy furniture in the house. Let's solve this by learning how to choose pet toys Check out the article below!

Should you buy pet toys?

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Pet toys It is one of the indispensable items in the process of taking care of and raising pets. Especially when you take your pet for a walk, you can play with your pet with active toys such as throwing balls, picking up things, etc. This will help your pet can play comfortably, make them more active, reduce the risk of obesity and improve pet health.

In addition, when you do not have time to play with your pet, the pet toys will be a small friend to help them play on their own without being attached to you anymore.

How to choose the right and safe pet toys

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Pet toys are extremely important, can help pets reduce stress, exercise, increase awareness and improve mental, help pets no longer moody. Therefore, choosing the right pet toy material is also very important. You should pay attention to the following:

Rubber and plastic toys: These are the two most popular and chosen materials on the pet toy market. Toys made from high-quality rubber and plastic are very safe and elastic that will stimulate their mobility.

Stuffed toys: These toys are meant for pets to cuddle, sleep, cuddle, play with, or bite it. But when buying these toys, you need to pay attention regularly to replace them when the pet unfortunately bites it.

Toys according to pet “hobby”: If your pet has a particular interest in something, give it to your little one. You can choose toys to play with your baby such as throwing discs, rubber bones, balls...

Top best pet toys worth buying

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1. Pet training flying saucer

Flying saucer is the most popular dog training toy. And frisbee is also the simplest and most dynamic game you can play with your pet dog.

Flying saucer for dog training is made of high quality, safe plastic material, helping your dog to exercise daily, increase flexibility & improve health.

2. Toys that make noises

The squeaky toys can create attention and attract pets, stimulate children's memory and motor ability. These are toys with soft materials, bright colors, eye-catching and always make funny squeaks when pets bite/step on them. Your pets will quickly stop biting and destroying objects in the house when there are toys that make noises to attract the attention of this pet.

3. Bone chew toys help dogs clean teeth

The dog chew bone toy is made of rubber, with an attractive taste and a spike design on the surface that works to satisfy the dog's chewing instinct. It is very useful in cleaning your pet's teeth thanks to its flexible spines.

4. Ball toys for dogs

This is a toy that can be "addictive" for your pet dog. These balls are designed with eye-catching colors and elastic rubber material to increase durability, creating movement for each dog when playing with.

5. Colorful cat toy balls

Cats will be attracted to ball toys with tassel knot texture. These tassels will stimulate curiosity, arouse the cat's instinct to catch.

This is also a toy to help your cat interact, play catch, run and jump, practice to become more flexible and agile. The ball is firmly wrapped with ropes, so you can be assured of its durability.

6. Kitten scratching table

The Kitten Scratching Table is the ideal toy set for naughty kittens. It will also help improve the situation that your cat often sharpens its claws by scratching the surface of chairs, sofas, or other household items. The claw table has a rough surface design, made from tightly woven ropes, for cats to enjoy.

7. Hamsters & Climbing Terrain for Hamsters

In recent times, the trend of farming has become more and more popular. Very cute little mice are pets that many young people choose to be their pets. Since then, toys for hamsters are also available for sale in a variety of designs.

Hamsters have the characteristics of climbing and huddling, so beautiful small wooden houses with appropriate space design are extremely suitable toys for children. This toy set is designed as a mini house with many windows and items for hamsters to comfortably play and explore the space of the house.

8. Underpass and seesaw

The rocking tube is also an ideal toy to satisfy the needs of crouching and climbing hamsters. The product is made of natural wood, has a design suitable for the attributes of hamsters with a long tube, on the body with many holes for children to play and operate. It also helps hamsters exercise, relieve stress and improve their health.

9. Wooden rodent toys

This toy is very suitable for rodents such as rabbits, hamsters ... for them to grind their teeth, play all day without getting bored. The product is made of 100% from natural wood, not processed by chemicals, without harmful ingredients, ensuring absolute safety for pets.

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