Mini Pomeranian - Pomeranian is a miniature dog breed that is loved by many people today. However, not everyone knows how to take care of mini squirrel dogs right way. Especially first-time adopters, how to take care of mini squirrel dogs How to make them develop comprehensively and healthy is something that they are extremely interested in.

To answer this problem, will introduce you to the experience in how to take care of mini squirrel dogs Details from AZ below.

How to take care of a mini squirrel dog: The best diet

The mini squirrels are quite picky, so choosing food for them is not easy. According to the experience of then you should let the mini squirrels use fresh processed food is the best. But if you don't have time, you can also feed them ready-made food.

With ready-to-eat food (dry pellets): Phoc Soc mini can eat ready-to-eat foods prepared with attractive flavors. However, the composition of dry food often contains a large amount of filler without any nutrition. Therefore, you should limit feeding mini squirrels this type of food.

Although there are no nutrients, these fillers also have the effect of creating porosity for food, making Phoc Soc easier to chew. When choosing nut food for mini squirrels, you should pay attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging. A nut feed package suitable for mini squirrels should contain:

  • Less than 10% filler.
  • 20-25% protein.
  • 10-15% fat.
  • The rest are vitamins, fiber, minerals, starch, etc.

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With fresh food: Fresh food is always the best choice for mini squirrels. Although it takes time to prepare, it provides more nutrients for mini-squirrels than ready-made food. Here are the laborsThe best fresh food for mini squirrels:

  • Kinds of meat: Provide protein & fat to keep their body full of energy.
  • Vegetable: Provides fiber & vitamins, good for the pet's digestive system.
  • Rice: As an important and indispensable source of energy, providing a large amount of starch for mini squirrels.
  • Egg: Eating duck eggs will help the mini squirrel's coat to always be shiny.
  • Milk: You can buy milk that provides a lot of calcium to help the baby's bone system develop and avoid diseases.

Note: The volume of food for each meal is only equal to 3-4% of the pet's body weight. Bnaj should not feed them too full or too hungry.

How to take care of a mini squirrel dog: Effective coaching methods

Miniature dog breeds that weigh less than 5kg, especially mini-squirrels, often suffer from a disease that is small dog syndrome. The reason is that they are very small and beautiful, so they are loved too much by their owners, leading to them always showing arrogance and arbitrariness due to being overly pampered.

To prevent pets from contracting this disease, owners should train them from a young age, avoiding letting them do whatever they want. Being strict right from the start will help your dog always be obedient and docile.

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Specifically, you should start training mini squirrels from 2 months old by teaching them basic exercises such as: Going to the toilet in the right place, teaching how to sit, teaching how to shake hands, ...

The Miniature Pomeranian has a characteristic character of barking profusely and persistently. Sometimes they bark just for attention or for food. If their barking affects you and your neighbors, will teach you how to train them stop barking every time there is a command like this:

  • Step 1: If the mini squirrel starts barking for no reason, interrupt it with a loud, clear command: "Silent".
  • Step 2: When first trained, the mini squirrel will not stop barking at your request. So, show your anger, point your finger at them, and shout again: "Silent".
  • Step 3: If the mini squirrel still hasn't stopped barking, you can get a little snack to lure them. Shout out "Silence" then give food to them, until they are quiet, then feed.
  • Step 4: Continue repeating the above steps. Over time, the mini squirrel will get used to the command to stop barking and know to be quiet when you give it.

How to take care of a mini squirrel dog: Living conditions and care and hygiene

1. Living conditions for mini squirrel dogs

Miniature squirrels originate from Europe and have close ancestors to Alaskan snow dogs, Samoyed, Husky ... so they often like to live in cool climates. Mini squirrels are very heat tolerant, so you should pay attention to keep the ambient temperature no more than 30 degrees Celsius. If on a hot day, it's best to leave the mini squirrel in an air-conditioned room.

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Miniature poodles are small in size, so they don't need too much living space. In particular, they can also adapt well when living in apartments, dormitories or apartments. The small size makes the mini squirrel convenient for moving and parachuting anywhere.

2. Daily activities of mini squirrel dogs

Miniature poodles are not very active, so they do not need to be exercised every day. You just need to take them outside for 25-30 minutes a day to let them play and release the accumulated energy.

Although you do not like to exercise, you should not keep mini squirrels in the house for too long. The children will no longer be as flexible and agile as their inherent personality, but will become more aggressive, able to bite down on furniture in the house and turn against the owner.

3. How to take care of the dog's coat

Miniature poodles have long, thick and fluffy coats, so you need to brush and detangle them every day. Taking care of the hair of a mini squirrel also takes a lot of time. When bathing them, you should choose shower gel products specifically for mini squirrels such as: SOS, Showqueen, Joyce & Dolls... And you should bathe them 1-2 times a week to keep the mini squirrel dog's coat always. cleanest.

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The mini squirrel's coat also grows very quickly, so you need to pay attention to neatly trimmed about every 2 months. Especially in the summer, trimming the fur will help the mini squirrel's body more comfortable. If you don't have time, you can take your mini dog to pet care spas so that your baby will have a perfect appearance.

4. Cleaning for mini squirrel dogs

To keep the mini squirrel dog clean, you need to do the following tasks:

  • Clean the accommodation for the mini squirrel dog regularly, avoiding the wet situation, which is easy to cause pathogens.
  • Clean the bowl & water tray after each feeding. Do not feed them day after day without hygiene.
  • Bathe your dog at least twice a week to remove dirt. When taking a bath, you should thoroughly clean the parts such as: Ears, armpits, between feet, etc.
  • After bathing, you should dry the dog's fur to avoid getting wet, causing the dog's body to have a bad odor and causing fungus on the skin.
  • Dental hygiene for mini squirrel dogs every week to prevent dental and respiratory diseases.

How to take care of a mini squirrel dog: Vaccinate the dog periodically

To keep your mini squirrel healthy and happy, you need to have regular vaccinations from an early age. The vaccines will help your mini squirrel dog avoid some dangerous diseases that can spread quickly such as: Care, Pravo, rabies, etc. The cost for a regular mini squirrel vaccination is 120- 200k / nose depending on the type.

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You should take your mini squirrel dog to the nearest veterinary facility, register and schedule vaccinations for them. You can choose 7 in 1 or 5 in 1 vaccine if you want to save travel time. The best time to start vaccinating mini squirrels is when they are 2 months old. The older the poodle, the lower the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Hopefully, the information about how to take care of mini squirrel dogs from AZ as above will help you find the best way to raise a mini squirrel dog to grow healthily.

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