Bonus cake Does giving puppies make them more obedient? Rewarding food is always an effective way to train dogs to be more obedient and obedient, especially puppies. They will always be excited and stimulated when they are rewarded with snacks such as reward cakes. Not only used in training exercises, reward cakes also bring many nutritional values that are very good for the health of puppies.

Do puppy treats make them more obedient?

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If viewed from a nutritional perspective, the reward cakes do not have much nutritional value. But if you look at it from other aspects, cakes are an indispensable part of their lives. Not only is it used to train puppies, it also helps to improve their bad habits. However, pet owners should not give puppies snacks more than 10% of their total daily calories.

Currently, there are many types of puppy cakes that can help improve calcium supplementation for dogs, prevent hair loss, anorexia, and improve anorexia. Because in the reward cake contains additives and flavorings and some other ingredients that work in stimulating the dog's appetite. Therefore, if the main meal is not suitable for the puppy's taste, you can give them a treat as an appetizer, which will certainly bring certain effects.

What are the benefits of puppy treats?

Effect in training

Puppies are very greedy and love to snack. So you can take advantage of this hobby of them every time you train your dog. This way, when the dogs see the food, they will try to follow your commands and requests. Because they know that if they do it right, they will be rewarded with delicious food. Thus, the effect of training will be much faster and more effective.

The reward cake will be a common and indispensable dish in every training session to reward the puppy. For example, when you train them to sit down, the reward cake will be a "sacrifice" for the dogs to obey the owner's commands.

Change pet behavior

When you let your puppy go out for a walk, they will run around or turn their heads around in search of food. To control them, you don't just need a leash. You command them to sit still or stand up and then praise and reward the dog with a treat. Dogs are very intelligent and gluttonous, so they will know that if they obey, they will be rewarded.

Puppy treats are also helpful in changing their behavior. Help them reinforce action, overcome fear.

Stimulating appetite

Bánh thưởng cho chó con

As mentioned above, in the reward cake contains additives and flavorings and some other ingredients that are effective in stimulating the dog's appetite. So if the main meal does not suit your puppy's taste, you can give them a treat as an appetizer to stimulate their appetite more.

Other effects

Some types of treats for puppies also work to reduce tartar, massage teeth and prevent gingivitis and gingivitis. However, in this dish often has a lot of sodium, sweeteners or fat can also cause serious diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes ... for your dog.

The best way to use puppy treats

Treats contain a variety of nutrients and supplements for dogs. Therefore, if you feed your puppy too much, it will make the dog overweight, easy to gain weight, and become obese. Because many types of cakes today have quite a lot of fat, fat, and additives to increase the taste.

Even if your dog is doing the right thing, you don't need to overfeed him with treats. To train your dog to stay healthy, you just need to reward them with 1 small tablet.

In addition, eating too much junk food will not be beneficial to the dog's health, reducing their excitement and happiness. Even making the dog stubborn. Every time you do something, you will ask for a reward from the owner, creating bad habits.

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