There is a new member in your family, a lovely Poodle, but you are still wondering how to properly raise a Poodle? The following article of will summarize "all" for you the experience of caring for Poodle dogs. Let's find out together!


How to properly raise a Poodle in each stage

The best time to catch a Poodle is when the dog is 2 months old and 3 months old. Here we will learn how to raise a Poodle in these 2 stages.

1. How to properly raise a 2-month-old Poodle puppy?

1.1 Caring for a 2-month-old Poodle

Raising a Poodle at a very young age is quite difficult, just like taking care of a newborn baby. At this time, the Poodle will feel very scared because it is far from its mother. Therefore, you need to show love, caress, cuddle and talk to create a sense of belonging with them.

In the early days when you first caught the Poodle, you absolutely must not bathe it. Wait the next few days once you've made the Poodle feel more secure. And with puppy Poodles, trimming should only take place when they reach the age of 3-4 months, avoid trimming too early, which can easily cause resistance to decline and adversely affect Poodle dogs.

1.2 Diet of a 2-month-old Poodle dog

During this age, the Poodle's diet is mainly porridge or dry foods soaked in milk.
At this time, you still need to supplement the daily amount of milk for the Poodle, divided into 4-5 snacks per day. Avoid feeding Poodle harmful foods such as animal bones, rancid food, too fishy, too hot, too cold or too spicy, etc.

1.3 Habitat for 2 month old Poodle

The accommodation for the 2-month-old Poodle needs to be kept warm and cool and always in a clean and cool condition. And the living environment of the Poodle also needs to be close to humans, which will help the Poodle to be bolder and more comfortable.

During this sensitive period, you need to pay special attention to your baby. If you see unusual symptoms, you need to immediately contact the veterinary facility for timely handling

The baby's living environment should be friendly and close to people, this will help you to be bolder and more comfortable

2. How to properly raise 3-month-old Poodle puppies

How to raise 3-month-old Poodle is similar to how to raise Poodle at 2-month-old stage, only different in nutrition and hygiene for Poodle.

– Về chế độ dinh dưỡng: Poodles from 3 months old can be fed soft foods such as chicken, pork, minced and cooked beef to ensure the baby's digestive system is working properly. In addition, you still need to add 300-400ml of warm milk every day.

– Vấn đề vệ sinh: The 3-month-old Poodle needs to be bathed regularly at least once a week on hot days and 2 weeks on cold days.

Proper care of the Poodle's coat

Poodle hair care is very important because the coat is considered the "brand" of the Poodle. The Poodle is considered a dog with a beautiful, light, soft, and colorful coat. Therefore, pruning and hair care for Poodles is extremely important.

How to trim Poodle dog hair needs to follow some of the following rules:

For blood feathers: Only done after the Poodle is 3-4 months old, when the Poodle has enough resistance to resist the harshness of the environment.

Removing blood hair will help Poodle quickly have a new, more beautiful coat. However, cutting blood can also easily make the Poodle uncomfortable, itchy, and potentially stressed. Therefore, you should pay attention to the diet for the fast-growing Poodle dog.

With the following feathers: With the next haircuts, you just need to trim them neatly every 2 months to keep them beautiful and neat.

Poodle's fur is like human hair, so you need to regularly bathe Poodle with specialized shower gels, brush daily to keep the Poodle's coat smooth and tangle-free.

Besides, the poodle will also have to go through a period of shedding and during this time you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Supplement adequate nutrients regularly for poodle
  • Regularly massage hair to absorb nutrients better.
  • Use the right shower gel for your poodle.
  • Bathe and coat the poodle to remove any loose hairs from the body.

Here is some information about raise poodles properly  that we want to share with you. Wish you have healthy, lovely poodles. If you need to know more about other poodle care methods, please contact for advice.


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