Many people often underestimate the importance of dog leash and often arbitrarily choose a certain type of leash. This is a completely wrong view. The leash has an effect on both the dog's body and behavior. Different breeds of dogs with different sizes and behaviors need different leash needs. Together find out now

The most popular types of dog leashes

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In terms of structure, we have 3 main types of conductors:

  • Necklace chain: This type of dog leash is very simple and easy to use when you just need to loop the leash around the dog's neck. The disadvantage of this type of dog leash is that it is easy to make the dog uncomfortable, and it is easy to hurt the neck area when there is a strong impact.
  • Horse leash: The leash has 1 collar and 1 chest support ring to help provide a firmer and more comfortable feeling for the dog even when pulled hard. The downside is that you will spend more time wearing this type of leash for your dog, especially active or somewhat aggressive breeds, do not like to be restrained, will not like to be tied when wearing.
  • Choke Chain Chain: This is a special training leash. This type of leash is used as a noose and can be tightened further when the dog does not obey. To use this type of leash requires the owner to have experience, avoid using the wrong way to hurt the dog.

In addition, in terms of materials, dog leash then we can also consider lanyards made of fabric, stainless steel, metal, rubber or nylon. Each lanyard material will have its own advantages and disadvantages, and have different uses and maintenance.

How to choose a dog leash

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When choosing to buy a dog leash, we need to pay attention to choosing the right product so as not to hurt the pet dog and waste money. Before choosing to buy, consider the following factors:

1. Choose a dog leash according to the purpose of use

On the market today, there are many types of dog leashes, so you need to pay attention to buying a dog leash that is suitable for the purpose of use. For example, buy a leash to use in training or to walk the dog in the park? Depending on different purposes, there will be different types of dog leashes to serve different customer needs.

2. Choose a dog leash according to your dog's breed

Leashes for small breeds will be different from those for large breeds. For small breeds such as Poodles, squirrels, etc., you can use a dog collar, a dog leash or a chest leash. As for larger dog breeds such as Alaskan dogs, Husky, becgie ... owners should use strong chains or strong leashes to control them better.

3. Choose a dog leash according to your dog's body size

Do not buy a dog leash that fits snugly or is too wide for the dog's body. Usually, dog leashes will have a flexible width adjustment button when used. But you still need to carefully check your dog's collar and chest measurements to choose the most suitable type of leash.

4. Choose a dog leash for a dog walk

Each dog breed has different personality traits, so their exercise needs are also different. For example, with playful, active dog breeds such as squirrels, pitbulls, etc., you should use a chest leash so that the dog does not stretch the rope, causing suffocation. As for the gentle, calm dog breeds, it can be suitable for all types of strings.


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