How much does a mini squirrel dog weigh? This is something that many breeders are interested in. Because this is a standard measure to evaluate the care and diet of the mini squirrels you are raising..

So How much does a mini squirrel dog weigh? is beautiful? How should we take care to keep the mini squirrels in shape? Let's find out right through the article below.

1. Standard How much does a mini squirrel dog weigh? is the most beautiful?

chó phốc sóc mini nặng bao nhiêu kg1

Information about Miniature Phoc Soc dog breed:

  • English name: Pomeranian
  • Origin: Germany
  • Weight: 1.3 – 3.8 kg
  • Ideal weight: 1.8 – 2.72 kg
  • Group: Toy dogs

According to the evaluation standards of the VKA association, the weight of the mini squirrel will depend on the breed of the squirrel. The most ideal model common to all mini squirrels is about 2-6 kg and 30-40cm tall. Their size and height should be similar. Usually, mini squirrels just stop at that weight, not bigger.

When you know How much does a mini squirrel dog weigh? are the most beautiful, then you can plan to create a biological time for them to help them have the best health. From there, you can also adjust the diet for them accordingly, avoiding overweight and obesity, losing the noble beauty of this breed.

Diet and care for mini squirrel dogs

One of the decisive things How much does a mini squirrel dog weigh? is the diet and care of the owner. So the diet and how to care for the mini squirrel dog you raise meet the weight standards Let's find out now.

1. Reasonable diet for mini squirrel dogs

chó phốc sóc mini nặng bao nhiêu kg1

Depending on the age, the food and nutrition of the mini squirrels will also change. You need to pay attention to choosing food for mini squirrels that are always healthy, do not affect the digestive system and have a balanced diet.

To help your pet's digestive system always work well, you should practice feeding them vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage. It is recommended to increase the diet when they are from about 6 months onwards. Instead of giving them fresh milk, give them filtered water. You just need to have a tray of water ready for them to drink and pay attention to change 3 times a day.

When feeding mini squirrels, you need to avoid feeding them fish bones or animal organs to avoid choking or diarrhea.
Foods high in fat and protein should also be limited because they can make them obese, both bad for their appearance and affecting their longevity. Please always pay attention to their diet to have a beautiful and healthy mini squirrel.

2. The care of mini squirrel dogs

chó phốc sóc mini nặng bao nhiêu kg

In addition to a reasonable diet, you also need to pay attention to how to take care of mini squirrels so that they have a balanced body.

In order to take care of the best mini squirrels, the first thing you need to do is prepare them for a good living environment. If you prepare them for a cool, clean space, it will not take you long to take care of Phoc Soc's fur.

Now you know How many kg is the most beautiful mini squirrel dog then. Hope this information will help you better understand this beautiful, lovely dog. For any information, please visit: or contact Hotline 0913.52.44.50 VND for detailed advice.

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